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Friday Fantasy: Dressing Down

Two lesbians with large breasts play in a dressing roomHere’s a dressing room fantasy with a little domination thrown in from sexy reader Mallory, posted this week in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let her know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

I have been waiting at the restaurant for about five minutes when my statuesque friend Meredith makes her entrance, causing the usual stirs and stares. We see each a few times a year. After we sit down and get some drinks, instead of the usual catching up she starts in on her campaign to recruit me to do a boudoir photo shoot with her. She looks at me with those big, innocent green eyes and pleads with me: “Come on, Mal. You’re the only one I know brave enough to do this, and I need the support. I really want to do this for Sam’s Christmas present. We can go on a shopping spree, get whatever you want, it’ll be on me. Then we can get all made up, dressed up, and get our pictures taken. I bet Adam would love seeing you as a pinup girl, too.” Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Dressing Down

Friday Fantasy: Live Nude Girl, Shy Nude Boy

nude girlHere’s an art fantasy with an unexpected twist from sexy reader lake, posted this week in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Please let her know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

I make sure I’m in early for this week’s sketch class since it’s the end of the month and we’ll have a live model tonight. On these nights, I like to pick a seat near the front, but one where I can still watch the door well enough to see the models when they arrive. Something about waiting to see them, and then catching them in their street clothes before class begins and they become stone-faced and all business makes these nights more interesting for me. I can feel the difference now, a twinge of anticipation buzzing along the edge of my focus, anchoring me very squarely in the moment.

When the model does arrive, I feel a quick shot of adrenaline start to course through my system, and there is brightness behind my eyes as I lean to get a clearer view. I have to do a bit of a double take before I am sure she is indeed a ‘she’. She’s tiny, which is the giveaway, but her head is shorn (just a jet black shadow and a hairline around her scalp) and she is dressed all ‘tough girl’, including a thick leather belt and slotted leather wrist cuff. She’s greeted by our teacher, and they laugh about something before she heads into the dressing room. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Live Nude Girl, Shy Nude Boy

Caveman: a First Date Experiment

Bondage chairRecently reader kristye wrote about her unique and vivid sexual awakening in the Your Experiments Group. It’s really the story of how a first date became a lifelong experiment between ‘He’ and ‘i”. Please feel free to add your comments below about this unusual erotic adventure.

Does arousal at things you have read or seen have any control over who you become? For me, looking back, it absolutely did.

As a child i was raised by a single father with two younger female siblings. No abuse or anything like it was ever brought into my life. My father was, and is, a very loving man…and a very dominant man. i looked up to him, almost like a God. i believe this upbringing was the start of my submissive life. Domestically i was groomed to fill the role of female caregiver to my younger siblings. i took on the house chores, cooking, cleaning, and serving. In return i was rewarded with small trinkets and dolls. i loved even then to please my father, to do exactly what was asked of me, and i feared him like no other if i strayed from my tasks. No, i was never hit, or mentally abused. Our discipline consisted of being put in a corner facing the wall. i hated it. i hated not being able to join in that evening’s game, or movie, and the guilt i felt for disappointing my father was even worse than the punishment i received. Continue reading Caveman: a First Date Experiment

Truth: her response to the Truth or Dare Experiment

Sexy legsSometimes truth gets in the way of Truth or Dare. Here’s a sampling of some lines from e-mails exchanged by my wife and “Mr. X” over the past couple of weeks:

Her: “Sorry I’ve been slow to get back to you on this dare. I’m incredibly excited by (and leaning towards taking “dare” in case you hadn’t guessed), but I’ve been all over the place these days and haven’t found the proper time or mindset to accomplish your mission for me. More soon.”

X: “Understandable, luscious one. As I wrote to you, there are high tides and low tides, and you can’t have one without the other. Big kisses all over that dreamy body of yours, and may the perfect Truth or Dare situation come to you when the high tide is crashing.”

Her: “X, I miss our exchanges so much. I miss having you – or at least your dares – on my mind all day long, and making me wet with the thought. Those moments are precious these days, and I relish them. I just haven’t had too much time for the moments. So yeah, it’s low tide, and at some point magic will happen and I’ll play this dare. Otherwise everything is good and I hope for you too.” Continue reading Truth: her response to the Truth or Dare Experiment

Friday Fantasy: A Cigar is Never Just a Cigar

Sexy cigar smoked by a sexy womanRecently the site’s Your Fantasies Group has been a virtual laboratory of lust, with readers writing in with some of their most erotic hopes and dreams. A lot of it’s so good that it seems a shame not to share it with the wider world, so here’s another hot fantasy by reader Mallory, who’s truly coming into her own.

Join us in the Your Fantasies Group for a whole lot more.

Have you ever wanted an anonymous, liberating adventure? Have you ever wished just to become someone else for a brief time and explore what another person inside you might experience? What if you were a blonde instead of a brunette? What if you wore clothes more risqué than you’ve ever dared? What would this other you discover? I decided I would take on this idea and see what naughty border(s) I might cross. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: A Cigar is Never Just a Cigar

Friday Fantasy: Special Delivery

Hot guy in a delivery fantasyRecently the site’s Your Fantasies Group has been a virtual laboratory of lust, with readers writing in with some of their most erotic hopes and dreams. A lot of it’s so good that it seems a shame not to share it with the wider world, so here’s a hot fantasy by reader PleasurePrinciple, who initiated us into a first installment of this fashion fantasy a couple of weeks ago.

Join us in the Your Fantasies Group for a whole lot more.

I headed back to my office after checking my watch. “Another late night,” I thought to myself: the hands displayed 6:12. This was nothing new. Since taking on these new accounts, I had been working later and later. The fashion world NEVER sleeps! Unfortunately for my assistant, that meant that she, too, had been working late. As I rounded the corner and approached her desk, I saw that tonight wasn’t going to be one of those nights where she took one for the team. She was standing with her Louis Vuitton bag resting at her side and her laptop case slung across her body. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Special Delivery

The Truth or Dare Experiment

Truth or dare - she lifts her skirtDear Daring One,

I think it’s time for another experiment. Here it is: take me to bed. Show me the places on your body where you were fondled by your husband and your masseur. Let me touch those places, lick those places. Let me kiss your adventurous mouth and remember all the borders you’ve already crossed in your mind.

The report from your massage has kept me buzzing for weeks, blonde beauty. I always sensed you would keep going further, but somehow you surprised me all the same. I lust for you intensely and revel in your constant awakening. I want to throw men and woman at you from every direction, with cocks to slip into your mouth and breasts to surround with your hands. I want to dare you to fuck the world. Continue reading The Truth or Dare Experiment

Friday Fantasy: The Belly Dance Experiment

A sexy belly dance

Recently the site’s Your Fantasies Group has been a virtual laboratory of lust, with readers writing in with some of their most erotic hopes and dreams. A lot of it’s so good that it seems a shame not to share it with the wider world. Here’s a hot fantasy by reader Mallory.

Join us in the Your Fantasies Group for a whole lot more.

We were getting serious. After all, he had asked me to attend his friends’ wedding with him. That’s a sign that a relationship is moving another step, right? Anyway, it was a heartfelt ceremony, and the wedding was beautifully arranged. When the dancing started, a woman he had introduced me to earlier came over and asked to ”borrow” him for the dance floor…that it had been ”years” since he had danced with her and he ”must” give her a few minutes. I’m not a dancer, so I never suggested it. But what I witnessed on that dance floor changed all that. I also discovered that there was a different man hidden behind the bow tie and cufflinks.

I did not know that man on the dance floor. He and the woman had the entire party transfixed with their salsa dancing. Their hips swayed in perfect unison, and they stepped light and quick one minute, slow and sensuous the next. A dramatic thrust of an arm here, and a proud flick of hair there. I watched the sauciness of the woman, coming on to my guy. Who was this stranger, this stud flirting right back with her? They continued with rolling bodies and shimmying shoulders, gyrating close to each other. They were practically fucking on the floor while everyone looked on. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: The Belly Dance Experiment

Experimental Marriage Vows: the result of Mona’s Marriage Experiment

A blowjob after experimental marriage vowsAs regular readers of this blog and my books know, I spend a lot of time thinking about sex…and marriage. In all aspects of my life, I want relationships that present possibilities rather than limitations. This is is particularly true of sexual relationships, which tend to be founded with the truest parts of ourselves. When you strip for somebody, you’re stripping away more than just clothes.

Then you throw marriage into the mix. I love my wife, but I dislike marriage – not necessarily because of any limitations my wife and and put on each other (cf. every post ever written on this site), but because of the limitations we put on ourselves. We are social creatures. We are influenced by the ideas and habits of those around us, but in our society the wisdom of marriage is a given. This despite the probability that the majority of couples make each other frustrated, anxious, jealous, resentful, bored, and boring almost every single day. Why? Because you expected them to be different. Because you wanted them to be one way, but sometimes they’re another way. Shocker. Continue reading Experimental Marriage Vows: the result of Mona’s Marriage Experiment

Kissing Game: Mona’s response to her Marriage Experiment

Mona plays a kissing gameDear Mr. X,

It’s been a long time, but I do not want you to think I have been behaving too much. I spent a few weeks in August at [a big beach resort not too far from where we live], and I was disconnected from my e-mail. I went with two girlfriends who like me have divorced in the past couple years (had I told you that?), and mostly we were just lazy by the pool. My tits got nicely bronzed too, you will be happy to know! But we did have a few big nights out, and of course you were always on my mind.

Two things: three women in cocktail dresses at a beach bar in August will get a lot of attention, and it was a strange dare of yours to make me wear a wedding ring. Did you know I would have one in the bottom of my jewelry box? I did not exactly get divorced in order to lose the wedding ring and help me pick up hot men, but it is one advantage of being divorced, and I didn’t really like to be reminded of my married life. But I have never disappointed you, so Mona could not disappoint you now. Continue reading Kissing Game: Mona’s response to her Marriage Experiment