Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment

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Sexy, longtime blog reader Mallory wrote to me a while ago looking for adventure. She’s written here before about her sexy fantasies, so the thought of having the chance to dare her into some unspeakably erotic situations was exciting. To put it mildly. She was going on a business trip, and she wanted to test her boundaries. Instantly I was dreaming of hotel rooms, anonymous bars, and boardrooms. I was inspired, and I hoped she would be. Here’s what I wrote:

“Yum. The brain reels…. And here are three to start you. Let me know if you need further inspiration.

1. Shall we start easy…or hard (in which case I’ve already started)? How about easy(ish). You get a carnal buzz writing down your fantasies (and you know how to write). So how about we take inspiration from one of Mona’s experiments: walk down the sidewalk somewhere, anywhere, in a skirt or a dress, find a moment to take off your underwear (although you can hang onto it if you like). Pay attention to the world around you as you do this, and study the sexual possibilities. Then, when you have a moment, write down the fantasy the underwear game inspires. Make it as explicit and as detailed as you dare. Then let me know what you got up to.

2. Or take it a step further: dress sexier than you would ever dare at home. Make the skirt breathtakingly short, forget the bra, and make the world drool. Go to a bar somewhere looking ripe for the plucking, and have a drink. See what happens. If it’s a slow night, write down a fantasy as you sit at the bar looking ravishing. Show more skin. Write as dirty as you can possibly imagine.

3. And now you’ve got me imagining…. I picture you stripping down to your underthings, your naked thighs brushing against each other, your quickening heartbeat as your bra comes off and excitement mounts….

I’ve seen the hints of your body revealed in the few photos you’ve posted on the site, and so I’m picturing you stripping. I’m picturing you relishing your body, and taking photos of yourself. I’m picturing you off on a voyage where nobody knows you on the streets, and a printout of your sexiest photo in your purse.

Look for the right spot to leave your photo. Make it a place where the person likely to find it may well be inspired by the sight of your naked flesh. A bar? A club? A gym? Deposit the photo in a semi-public place – put a secret e-mail address on the photo if you dare – and then remove yourself to a semi-hidden place. Watch for a while. Have a drink, read a book. And then see who comes upon your photo. Do they intrigue you? How does your body respond?

Mind still reeling. Let me know if yours is, too.



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2 thoughts on “Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment”

    1. It would be nice that before you go on another business trip, we could know what happened at this one.

      C’mon, we’re waiting here.

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