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Orgy Tits Video: her response to The Pornography Experiment

A naked wife on a couch dreams of an orgy, tits, and erotic sex.Dear X,

Actually I’m not a huge watcher of pornography. Sometimes in the late afternoon (that’s my horny time, in case you hadn’t figured it out) I’ll surf around a bit till I get sopping wet. After a while, though, I’ll bang on my hubby’s office door and declare an emergency. We have watched porn together before, though. I’ve forced him to keep his eyes on the screen as I’ve sucked his cock, and then vice versa. Usually it’s the human contact I like, but sometimes there’s nothing hotter than simply using each other for a bit. Continue reading Orgy Tits Video: her response to The Pornography Experiment

True Sex Stories: her response to The Sex Confessional Experiment

Two women show their pretty legs and share true sex stories with each otherDear Holy Father X,

I confess everything. So what’s my punishment? Will you spank me? We force me to do even dirtier things to make up for all the dirty things I’ve done? Sort of like community service, if you know what I mean (I think that should be clear)? I hope so.

When I got your challenge, my first thought was that there were a surprising number of people who I would be willing to tell about my recent sex stories. I’m not exactly the shrinking violet type, if you know what I mean. So there was my husband, and I considered this possibility for about a day. I honestly think he would get a kick out of what we’ve been up to, but in the end I decided not to mess with how the game’s been played so far. He’s been enjoying its benefits as much as me, after all. So don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, or something like that. Continue reading True Sex Stories: her response to The Sex Confessional Experiment

Fantasy Girl: her response to The E-mail Experiment

Two fantasy girls with perfect legs walk hand in handDear X,

This was a tough one. With most of your experiments I feel like a spy. The people in my ordinary life – okay, it’s not that ordinary – would never suspect that I’m also a secret agent who does sexy dares in her free time. Even when you had me strip naked in that changing room, the odds were incredibly slim that anyone in my ordinary life would catch me at it (not that it would have mattered if they had). But writing a fantasy e-mail to someone I actually knew was different. I’m not a particular tech whiz, and I was nervous that in sending the e-mail I might accidently reveal my identity. I felt incredibly awkward and (believe it or not) shy. Do you think I might be becoming innocent again? That was a joke. Continue reading Fantasy Girl: her response to The E-mail Experiment

Sexy Spanish Dancers: her response to The Public Experiment

Two beautiful girls dance and flash as a couple does some hand fucking.Dear Dastardly X,

My husband and I rarely go out to clubs or discotheques together. Occasionally he’ll go out with friends to drink and look at the girls wiggle, but neither of us particularly loves dancing, and I’ve never been a four-in-the-morning kind of girl. But when it’s August in Barcelona, where we’ve been this past week, four in the morning just means a late dinner and a nightcap. The parties go till noon and then they start again, so one midnight we decided to find some sexy place. A friend had recommended a club near the Barrio Gotico, where we were staying, but when we got there the place was still empty. The waiter assured us that it would be filling up soon, so we chose a table in the corner as far away from the dance floor as possible. The music was good – not too loud, not too trendy – and we ordered a bottle of wine. Continue reading Sexy Spanish Dancers: her response to The Public Experiment

Me Nude: her response to The Dinner Experiment

Me nude by a bookcaseLet me give your photographic mind something to click at. The sexy artist gave me a half dozen of the photographs he took in black and white. They were beautiful, and he says he’s using them in his show, but in most of them you wouldn’t recognize me. In those where I posed behind the glass, you only see the outline of my body, and in others he’s covered me with digital layers so that I look veiled from head to toe, with only a hint of me beneath. There are two, though, that I really like. They were taken at the end of the session when he just asked me to play, and when I got to feeling, well, a little horny. You know that I’m-naked-and-an-attractive-man-is-circling-around-me feeling? That’s the feeling I mean. Continue reading Me Nude: her response to The Dinner Experiment

Shaven pussy, wandering newspaper: her response to The Bus Experiment

A wife with a shaven pussy is groped on a bus.

Dear Mr. X,

I love shaving my pussy.

Isn’t that a good start? I love the cool feel of shaving cream on my pussy, and the slight tingling of the magic herbal formula, or whatever it is. I love the twinge of fear I feel when I put the blade to my skin – it always leaves me breathless for a moment. And then I love sliding my free fingers over the folds of skin there, and spreading the skin for the blade. Then, with every swoop of the razor, I see some other pussy slowly revealed, pale and bare and lickable. How did you guess that this is one of my ultimate turn-ons? Have you taken up residence in my libido, Mr. X (it’s quite spacious, so don’t get lost wandering from room to room)? I mean, shaving my pussy turns me on so much that I’ve sometimes asked my husband to watch me doing it. You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve always found him to be suitably observant. Now, when I get the chance, I like to watch him shaving his face in the mirror in the morning. This never fails to get me wet. Razors are like sex toys for me. It’s just one of those things. Continue reading Shaven pussy, wandering newspaper: her response to The Bus Experiment

Sex-upmanship: The Taxi Sex Experiment

A nude woman sticks her head in a window for some taxi sex.Dear Mr. X,

I’m horny all the time. It’s hot outside and I walk around the house wearing just a scarf tied around me. I think of my sexy photographer, but I think of other people too, men and women, I start fingering myself and I want to have them all. But you’ve been a bit of a stranger recently, haven’t you? Have I overtaxed your poor little libido? After all of my adventures, are you still trying to catch your breath?

Well I won’t stand for it, Mr. X. I love my husband, and I love more than anything to do dirty things with him in bed, but I need you too, to take me to the scary places, to make me tremble with anticipation, to make my pussy just swim. Wouldn’t you just love to see my pussy, Mr. X? Wouldn’t you love to lick it? Oh, I know I’m off the subject and being cruel, and that’s not like me, so I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. Here’s how: since you’re too busy (or too bored?) to come up with an dare for me, I’ve got one for you. And it had better get done, mister. I’ve been a good little slave, and now I’ve got negotiating power. If you fail me, I might just start feeling prudish (believe that?). Besides, I want to see if you can take it as well as you give it. Ready? Continue reading Sex-upmanship: The Taxi Sex Experiment

Move into the Light: her response to The Photo Experiment

A naked photo of a sexy wife with a perfect body.X, My pussy gets wet just typing that little erotic letter. I mean just glimpsing it down there on my keyboard, my nipples get hard. But then my skin is so sensitive these days that any old letter is likely to set me off on increasingly vivid fantasies. “QWERTY” is like dirty talk to me. I called your artist/photographer friend. He was already an acquaintance of mine, actually, and I’d indirectly worked with him a couple of years ago to promote another of his projects, so it wasn’t that unusual for me to call and say I’d be willing to help out on this project in any way – say, for example, stripping off all my clothes for his camera in the name of art. I should have been some painter’s muse, X, as you’ve mentioned before. I was made for artistic devotion! Nude is how I like to be. Continue reading Move into the Light: her response to The Photo Experiment

Striptease: her response to The Changing Room Experiment

A hot woman shows her great ass in a changing room striptease.Dear Mr. X,

Well, I thought this little striptease was going to be your hardest challenge yet. Exposing myself to a delivery man was difficult, but that was just for an instant, and I could always shut the door if I wanted. But trying on lingerie (yes, lingerie– did you doubt I would ever choose anything else?) in a semi-public place seemed much harder, because I would have to keep myself out there for a while and stay seductive. I was extremely nervous. But then have I ever disappointed my horny monster X?

So lingerie it was, the nicest store in the center of town (sorry, that’s all the information you’ll get, although I will say that it’s the sort of place that sells very expensive little silk delicacies that are inevitably stripped off in seconds. In terms of price per minute enjoyed, they’re probably more expensive than caviar, but they do make an impression, and you know I like to make an impression). It was an unusually hot day, and by the middle of the afternoon, the activity out on the streets had slowed to a heat-induced crawl. I was feeling lazy and languid (and siesta-time horny), and so I decided to go for a stroll and see about fulfilling my obligations to you. Continue reading Striptease: her response to The Changing Room Experiment

I am a sex toy: her response to The Sex Shop Experiment

A woman shows her ass beneath a drawer full of sex toys.Dear Mr. X,

Did you miss me? I missed you. I wanted to send a postcard, or a sex toy, but then I don’t have your address, do I? So instead I thought of you and walked into a sex shop.

My chance to meet your sex challenge finally came one day when my sister went shopping. I told her that I wanted to stay home and read, and the second she drove away I changed into some sexy clothes and flew out the door. A few days earlier I’d spotted a sex shop not far from her place, and as I walked my excitement over what I would find there was almost unbearable. I had butterflies in my belly and a slightly burning crotch (ever so slightly, but distinctly there), and I thanked you for making it so fun in my head. Continue reading I am a sex toy: her response to The Sex Shop Experiment