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Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment

sexy business trip

Sexy, longtime blog reader Mallory wrote to me a while ago looking for adventure. She’s written here before about her sexy fantasies, so the thought of having the chance to dare her into some unspeakably erotic situations was exciting. To put it mildly. She was going on a business trip, and she wanted to test her boundaries. Instantly I was dreaming of hotel rooms, anonymous bars, and boardrooms. I was inspired, and I hoped she would be. Here’s what I wrote: Continue reading Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment

Anne’s Erotic Breadcrumb Experiment

0006One of the biggest kicks I get from The Sex Experiment is exchanging emails with readers. Some come from the friends I’ve made on the site’s social network, which I affectionately think of as “The Orgy” (infinitely better than “Facebook”, if you ask me), and others come from readers who simply email me directly. Sometimes men will write in. Sometimes they’ll even ask for dares, but generally we’ll share experiences or exchange ideas on specific erotic situations. More often it’s women who write, and they’re more likely to ask for a dare. I tend to keep the dares fairly modest, but most of these women I never hear from again (although some wonderfully sexy ones prove to be exceptionally adventurous). I understand: if I were on the other end of some of these emails, I don’t know if I would be anywhere near as brave as others have been. But no matter how daring, no matter how much contact I have with the reader, I’m consistently amazed by the intelligence of the emails I receive. They’re thoughtful and extraordinarily well written. Scientific conclusion: sex makes people smarter. And I’m not sure I’m kidding. Somebody needs to do a study. Volunteers? Continue reading Anne’s Erotic Breadcrumb Experiment

Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment

0008Dear Mona,

It’s time. I have no doubt that you’ve been out there in the world living as sexily as you always do, but I’ve been having increasingly distracting fantasies of your body, your breasts, in increasing erotic situations, and it’s time that you and I resume our sexy game.

Your last email indicated that you’re as ready for this is I am, so I’m going to insist. If you were here in this room with me, I’d insist a lot more, so much that even the wild Mona might blush (actually, I doubt it, but I’d like to try).

Summer’s here [editor’s note: well, it was here when this email was sent], and I just know the prospect of lazy days in the sun – tanned bodies and a glass of wine too many – makes you as horny as it makes me (hornier, probably, since I can only imagine the pleasure you get from admirers dazzled by your body busting out of the bikinis I’m guessing you wear). You seem made for fantasies, curvy adventurer, and you’ve got such a brazen sense of humor that this time, this summer, I want to put you in a clichéd male fantasy and see how you’ll give it your twist. Continue reading Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment

The Internet Sex Experiment

Wife showing herself for internet sex videoSexy, sexy woman,

I’m as obsessed by you as I’ve always been. It’s been awhile since your last e-mail, but in the meantime I’ve been keeping very busy: imagining you touching yourself with blind need as the days grow warmer, imagining your body splayed for other bodies, your lips finding warm breasts, finding large and sleek cocks to wrap themselves around – and I’ve been taking off my clothes too, in wild excitement, imagining you right there in the mirror with me. How dirty has your mind been lately? I’m dying to know.

I don’t know if your husband is still travelling (a circumstance that you can imagine has given me plenty of other ideas), but whatever the case, after our recent back and forth I thought it might be useful to propose a dare that could be accomplished in a few minutes. That could also lead to hours of pleasure if you wish…. Continue reading The Internet Sex Experiment

The Unmarked Door: Our Orgy Experiment

nude orgyNothing dulls like routine, and nowhere is that truth more felt than in the bedroom. Our existence turns in cycles. Sex indicates the life we need to lead, and then life, for a while, indicates the sex we need to have. Our separate selves teach one another about who we’re meant to be.

Sometimes, too, circumstances create the cycles. For a few months now I’ve been mostly working in a European capital, and Mrs. X has been a flight away. We have been in a work cycle, rather than a fuck cycle, a fact she has expressed by e-mail to the mysterious Mr. X. Like old lovers, they exchange occasional messages, and they’ve been slowly playing through an evolving dare that I’ll report soon enough, but for a while, at least, their rhythm has slowed. Fortunately there are airplanes (which she’s made forever sexy to me), and fortunately, after some initial romantic sex when she comes to visit, we’re inclined to dare even more together with the time we’ve got. She’s even been using my address (the mail’s more reliable here than back at home) to upgrade her Chinese balls to jiggle balls and anal beads. The neighbors must hear the screams and look at me suspiciously in the elevator. Continue reading The Unmarked Door: Our Orgy Experiment

The Truth or Dare Experiment

Truth or dare - she lifts her skirtDear Daring One,

I think it’s time for another experiment. Here it is: take me to bed. Show me the places on your body where you were fondled by your husband and your masseur. Let me touch those places, lick those places. Let me kiss your adventurous mouth and remember all the borders you’ve already crossed in your mind.

The report from your massage has kept me buzzing for weeks, blonde beauty. I always sensed you would keep going further, but somehow you surprised me all the same. I lust for you intensely and revel in your constant awakening. I want to throw men and woman at you from every direction, with cocks to slip into your mouth and breasts to surround with your hands. I want to dare you to fuck the world. Continue reading The Truth or Dare Experiment

Mona’s Marriage Experiment

A woman in a sheer skirt prepares for a marriage experimentDear Dirty Talker,

I become more infatuated with your possibilities with every e-mail I get from you. Next time you decide to let a lover take you from behind while casually describing the sex to another lover over the telephone, won’t you please dial my number? Or maybe that’s a bad idea. The truth is, these days I can’t even pick up a telephone without getting slightly aroused. I have conversations with women working for my bank, at the other end of a toll-free number, and I become convinced that cocks are slipping into them from behind and driving them wild. This woman is naked, I think to myself. I am completely convinced, and I wait for her to begin describing the fucking and drive me mad with desire. Continue reading Mona’s Marriage Experiment

The Masseur Experiment

A naked woman receives a sexy massageOh Sexy Lady,

You got so tantalizingly close to surrendering the last of your clothes and letting your neighbors have their way with you. My entire body has been throbbing ever since. And ever since I’ve wanted you with a passion that has a newly sharp edge. I know: promises, promises. But seeing you step so close to the edge of a new world of erotic possibilities has gotten me lusting for every last inch of your flesh. I know that if I knocked on your door and found you standing there in a famously skimpy robe, I wouldn’t be able to help myself. That famously skimpy robe would be in tatters, and my mouth would be all over you. Continue reading The Masseur Experiment

Mona’s Experiment Experiment

A busty nude prepares for an erotic experimentDear Delicious Mona,

I want you too. Your outrageous stripping in front of the man you picked up in that bar got me so excited that I didn’t know what to do with myself for several days. I wandered around the city muttering “I want you” to myself, imagining you locked in the words of your last experiment, speaking them to absolutely everyone who caught your eye, imagining you fucking strangers in mysterious rooms, imagining you wrapping your lips around the cock of that man you desired and let catch you stripping…and imagining your lips around mine, remembering my own glimpse of your tight curves as you stripped for me too. Continue reading Mona’s Experiment Experiment

The Neighborly Experiment

A sexy wife cooks topless in the kitchenDear Suntanned Savage,

That body that eased over against yours as you suntanned topless on that beach? That was me. That hand that caressed your thighs, then slipped past the elastic of your bikini to stroke your moistened pussy? That was mine. That cock you felt against the bared flesh of your ass, which then split you so deliciously from behind? That was mine too. You, my naked adventurer, are an amazing fuck. I’ve been wandering the beach ever since looking for you to materialize again like a mirage, for you to be splayed out on a beach blanket waiting for more, and more. Continue reading The Neighborly Experiment