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Mona’s Pick-up Experiment

Beautiful breasts that say "I want you"Dear Fearless Flirter,

I am attaching my résumé, since after your office fantasy I don’t think there’s anyplace I’d rather work. You will notice that I have no previous experience at “Ravaging the boss on her desk alongside a co-worker”, but I assure you that I am a fast learner. I’m willing to work long hours, stay late. Weekends. Company picnics. Hell, I’ll even pick up your dry cleaning. Just get me on staff, you sexy beast (a term I don’t know that I’ve ever applied to a woman, but in your case it’s deserved), and we’ll take it from there. I look forward to my first performance review.

In the meantime I want you to do some recruiting. No, I’m not afraid of competing candidates. I want you out in the world interviewing, shaking hands, undoing another button, etc. I want it to be at night, I want drinks to be involved, I want you to be dressed even sexier than usual, and I want your job interview to consist of just three words: “I want you.” Continue reading Mona’s Pick-up Experiment

The Sunbathing Experiment

A woman sunbathing nudeDear Sultry One,

I’m still spending quiet moments contemplating the hot fantasy you spoke aloud during our walking experiment. I like to think of you being taken in sleek bathrooms. I’d like to take you as your hands gripped the sink counter and our eyes locked in the mirror in a brief, fearless fuck.

You constantly surprise me, but I’d like to see how you might surprise me with your flesh. I feel as if we know each other extraordinarily well after all these dares, or at least we know the dark parts of each other that stay mostly hidden from the world. I want to know even more about that dark places inside of you. I want to know how your darkness (which we could just as easily call “lightness”) corresponds to mine, and how it differs. I want to be able to find you in the darkness of this eternally erotic world we’ve created together. I want to know the ways you’re fucking, to discover more about what buttons to push and what dials to turn among the thousands in order to fine tune your sexual pleasure. Permanent orgasm – I’d like to imagine that for you. Continue reading The Sunbathing Experiment

Mona’s Sidewalk Experiment

In public panties are goneDear Sultry Shaven Seductress,

I dream of you from many directions now – I dream of you naked on your balcony in the night, and I dream of your shaven pussy being adoringly licked through your pantyhose. You’re a wild one, and I only wish I could be wild with you.

So this week we’re going to focus on that wild pussy of yours – because I’m focusing on it, and because I’m convinced that you focus on it much more than the average woman does (which is one of the qualities I most admire in a woman). So take off those hose – it’s ridiculously warm out right now – and wear a skirt or a dress that makes you feel like fucking. Also: wear high heels. Also: wear a g-string, a teeny bikini, the skimpiest, sexiest pair of panties in your arsenal. You might also want to make these panties a pair you’re willing to lose, because you’re going to lose them. Continue reading Mona’s Sidewalk Experiment

Mona’s Party Experiment

A nude woman during a party experimentParty Girl,

I can’t tell you how much I miss gazing upon your naked body. Could we maybe make it a weekly thing? Say, I come around to the clump of palms beneath your balcony every Tuesday at 11 P.M., and you take off absolutely everything? Think about it. I know I do, regularly, and my hand starts creeping, and I dream of all the naked things I could do with your naked body. The neighbors would never be the same. Continue reading Mona’s Party Experiment

The Walking Experiment

A naked woman walks into the ocean dreaming of a sexual fantasyMiss Kiss,

Here’s hoping this e-mail finds you as delicious as ever. I’ve been plotting new adventures for you, and as tempting as it is to dare you to peel off your clothes and do absolutely everything to intriguing strangers, I realize that at this point in our relationship, at least, my role is more catalyst than master.

So here’s an experiment, a catalyst that may send you off into your own experiments or may simply be a kick. Just don’t assume that this more innocent run of dares means my intentions for you have become any more innocent. Nope. They’re dirty, lady. They are orgiastic. They are an endless series of mind-bending fucks.

So here we go, “innocently”. Continue reading The Walking Experiment

The New Year Experiment

Dark lips ready for a new years kissDear Dreamy One,

I hope you’re as sexy as ever, wherever you are. I have no idea when you’ll be back in town, but I do hope it’s soon. Somehow it’s more difficult to imagine you being sexy in unknown places, although I have no doubt you are.

So I have no clue whether you’ll be around for New Years, but even if you’re not, I’d like to be invited to the party. What I mean is this: there’s only one night of the year when you can kiss whoever’s next to you. So dance to a place you like at 11:59 and propose to make a stranger’s New Year. Continue reading The New Year Experiment

The Airplane Experiment

A hot woman walking anticipates airplane sexLong Distance Lady,

I keep picking up the phone, hoping to hear you telling me to do something dirty on the other end of the line, but I just keep getting dial tones that won’t tell me how bad I’ve been.

And yet, as I pine away, I glimpse new possibilities. The holidays are here, and I spy the prospect of you jetting off somewhere to see family and friends and sit on Santa Claus’s lap. So this experiment is a conditional one: follow its instructions to the letter if you do find yourself on a plane, and if you don’t, well…then just come sit on my lap. Continue reading The Airplane Experiment

Mona’s Sex Fantasy Experiment

A naked woman on a bed having a sex fantasyI have admittedly been spending a good portion of time fondly recalling images of Mona’s body. Can you blame me? As I wrote when she first approached me: yes, I’ve had several women write in asking for sexual dares, and the results have often been fantastic, but actually knowing the woman has changed the game dramatically (of course I know my wife, but this blog was specifically founded on the idea of inserting more adventure into our lives). There are advantages to this, to put it mildly: I get to see Mona standing naked on a balcony, for instance. Yes, the possibilities are overwhelming, but I’ve also come to realize that if this is going to be anything but a disaster, I’m probably going to have to stay as completely anonymous (and distant) with Mona as I have with my wife. What does that mean? Likely no more balcony scenes anytime soon. I’ll be a good dirty Mr. X and propose adventures from behind a computer screen. I’ll discover my own adventures away from that connection.

So what to do with Mona? She seems eager to do absolutely anything, so I figured I’d start her off with a sex fantasy, as I did one of the first readers who wrote in: Lisa. To my mind that experiment was a big success, not only because of Lisa’s daring, but because it allowed me to see into her fantasy mind and understand what made her tick. And if Mona and I are going to become anonymous friends, that’s a secret understanding I could use. So I wrote her a letter not unlike the one I once wrote Lisa: Continue reading Mona’s Sex Fantasy Experiment

The Phone Sex Experiment

A woman in lingerie has phone sex on the bed.Pinup Girl,

I’m such an easy grader. You take nude photos of yourself for an assignment, you don’t send me a single one as proof of your work, and I give you an A+ anyway. Am I losing my touch? Have you become too cool for school? Do you need to be severely reprimanded? Disciplined? Spanked?

Maybe you just need to talk to someone about that attitude of yours. I believe they have hotlines for this sort of thing. In your case, however, I want you to be the hotline. Here’s what I mean: I want you to go to the Craig’s List site and choose any American city. Under ‘Casual Encounters’, I want you to post an advertisement for “Free Phone Sex”. Make the ad as enticing as possible, and try to frame it so that you’ll get “clients” with fetishes you wouldn’t mind discussing in a breathy voice. Include hours at which you can be contacted and include your new phone number (more on this below). I have authenticated a Craig’s List account for you with this e-mail – [e-mail] – and this password – [password]. You’ll need to log in before posting, and in your post I’d advise putting a dash between each digit in your number – posts with phone numbers tend to get taken down. Continue reading The Phone Sex Experiment

The Mona Experiment

Friends of my wife are naked from behindSo I’ve got a new pen pal, and you know how much I like pen pals. Many women have written into this blog asking for their own dares, and I’ve been quite happy to oblige, particularly when I’ve seen their impressive results (Lisa, Queen Green, Alice, Grimm Perrault, etc.). There have also been quite a few others who contacted me, then lost their nerve or the free time to devote themselves to a sexual adventure (insert outraged commentary about the modern condition here), but then anyone who writes me a sexy e-mail talking of erotic possibilities invariably earns my undying respect.

This one is different, however. I know her. She’s one of my wife’s friends, and I have spent serious mental effort calculating the geometry of her tits. What could possibly go right, you say? Fair enough, but I choose to look at the problem from another angle, specifically 180 degrees from your angle: what could possibly go wrong? Yes, dear reader, I’m putting my faith in the power of anonymous e-mails. I’m choosing to believe in X to the Xth power, which (although my math is rusty) might well be infinity. Infinite lusty adventure, reader. What’s not to like? Continue reading The Mona Experiment