Classroom Prep: CC’s First Experiment

0013CC is a bold young woman living in Los Angeles. She wrote in asking for a monthly dare, and here’s her response to her first experiment from Mr. X.



It’s a hot and humid day here in Southern California. I read over the challenge assigned by Mr. X and bite my lip, feeling anxious and simultaneously excited about the possibility of completing this dare. I’ve never in my life worn a dress or skirt without panties on, and I’ve never gone out in public without a bra. Nervously I get up and walk over to my closet, spending a few minutes staring at the contents and assessing what I will wear.

Glancing behind me, I see my boyfriend still fast asleep, his strong shoulders and chest bare. Heart pounding, I pull out a black and pink dress, one of my favorites. It’s sleeveless and v-cut. It falls to just below mid-thigh. The material is soft and clingy, a jersey fabric that swishes when I walk. I’ve always loved the feel of it against my skin and my boyfriend of six months has yet to see me wear it.

With a flick of my wrist, the dress slides off of the hanger and I have to stop myself from walking over to my dresser, studiously ignoring the drawers that hold my bras and panties. I leave the room quietly and walk across the hall to the bathroom, where I turn on the shower, undress, and get in. The water sliding down my body feels heavenly. I’m incredibly aware of every inch of my skin, and as I run soap over my shoulders and down my chest I think about how exposed I’ll be today. My hands slide down the soft plane of my stomach and I slowly begin to wash between my legs. I realize that having no panties on means that there’s the possibility of someone smelling me in a way that I can’t control.

After showering, I dry off in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I slip the dress over my head and let it fall, covering my body. Pulling out my vanity stool, I place it in front of the mirror so I can assess how I look with my legs crossed. Wondering how much someone will see if I uncross my legs, I do it. It doesn’t take that much for someone to be able to see everything. I realize I’ll have to be very careful when sitting down and getting up unless I want someone to sneak a peek.

As my hands busy themselves fixing my hair and applying my makeup, I breathe in deeply, excited about the idea of men and maybe women staring at my body – at their shock of seeing my large breasts displayed so unashamedly, so prominently.

I leave the bathroom and walk hesitantly into my bedroom and find that my boyfriend is awake. He’s looking at his phone. I attempt to walk past the bed but his arm snakes out and captures my wrist. I look down at him and he looks up at me, surprised. “I like this dress,” he purrs, as he pulls me down into the bed and places me on top of him.

He reaches up and cups my breasts. “No bra?”

I shake my head no.

“Are you going out like that?” he asks.

My heart beats rapidly. “Yes.”

“To school?”


He raises an eyebrow but doesn’t say anything else. His thumbs graze over my hardening nipples. He pinches each one lightly, causing them to fully swell.

Through my dress he lifts one of my breasts, bringing the nipple to his mouth. He bites it lightly and I feel the heat of his breath through the thin, jersey material. He releases it and stares at me intently, until I look away, one of his favorite power games. Satisfied, he takes the other breast and gives it the same attention. I feel myself getting wet.

As if reading my thoughts, his hand slides down my body and up my thigh, to my hip, where the outline of my panties should be. He searches for a moment and then realizes that I don’t have anything on. I see the heat in his eyes as his fingers slide over my lower abdomen and then dip down, grazing my clit and opening the lips of my pussy to probe softly at the opening.

“No panties, you naughty girl,” he says as his finger slips all the way inside of me. I whimper in need, and he finger fucks me as I writhe on his lap.

“And you think you’re going out like this, do you?” he says, sliding another finger inside. Feeling the bulge beneath my lap, underneath the blanket, I move my hips, trying to rub myself against his cock.

“Greedy this morning,” he says as he withdraws his fingers and brings them to his mouth to lick them clean.

He smiles then, and taps my leg so that I sit up slightly. He extricates himself from the blanket, and since he sleeps naked, there is nothing between us. His cock is hard, straining towards me, dripping slightly.

“Well?” he says as he lays back, inviting me to move over him.

I begin to take my dress off, but he stops me. “Keep it on,” he says.

I shrug, and arrange myself over his hips as he holds his cock to my entrance. I slide down slowly and we both groan at the contact. I place my hands on his chest and look down at him as I rock my hips back and forth. He opens his mouth, gasping as I ride him.

Much too soon I feel my orgasm build. I try to slow down, but he’s having none of it and uses one of his fingers to find my clit and stroke it as I feel his cock thrusting hard, deep inside.

I can’t keep the primal cry from my lips as I quiver, and moments later he finds his own release, straining against me, panting as I feel his hot cum fill me.

“Sorry about the mess,” he jokes, a bit sheepishly.

“It’s fine,” I say as I give him a peck on the lips. “We need to leave soon.”

I extricate myself and head back to the bathroom to try and clean myself up as best as I can. I don’t have time for another shower, but I figure it should be okay. I come out and he’s dressed and ready. He hands me my backpack and a granola bar as we hurry out of the house.

My campus is twenty minutes away, and traffic is light. I try not to think about what I’m wearing – or rather the lack of what I’m wearing. I can’t believe I’m going to school this way.

We soon arrive, and he tells me he’ll be back in a few hours to pick me up.

I can feel eyes on me as I make my way to my building, prying eyes that make me feel naked. The slight breeze plays with the hem of my dress as I walk, and the swirling air around my thighs causes my skin to break out in goosebumps.

I manage to avoid making eye contact with anyone, though I can feel them staring. I reach my building and pull open a door that leads to the basement level, where they’ve stuck the English department. A group of guys is walking up the stairs at the same time that I’m walking down, and I can’t believe I didn’t think or plan for this. Anyone walking up these stairs can see up my dress, at least for a few seconds. The guys pass me, laughing as they continue up the stairs – I’m not sure whether they were looking up or not. Slightly mortified, yet at the same time turned on by my own daring, I reach the lower level hallway and walk towards my classroom, the third door on the left. There are students sitting on the floor on either side of the hallway. Thankfully most of them have headphones in and books or laptops open on their laps, so they aren’t looking at me as I pass by.

I reach my classroom and find my normal seat in the back. A girl who sits next to me glances at my breasts for a moment before asking me what she missed in the last class. I answer her, and hand her a copy of my notes hoping she’s not judging me. I normally come in with yoga pants and a t-shirt so this must be a revelation of sorts.

I cross my legs beneath the table but it doesn’t help because I can feel the cold metal of the chair touching my ass and the back of my thighs. The temperature difference is titillating and I find myself incredibly turned on. I think about how my boyfriend fucked me and then realize that I can definitely smell my pussy – and his cum. Perhaps I didn’t clean up as well as I thought I did.

I try to pay attention in class but it’s a nightmare. I squirm in my seat, feeling the slick warmth of my arousal on my thighs. I’m assigned to work with a guy from across the room whom I’ve never talked to, a tall, nerdy guy who likes to answer questions in class. I stand up to relocate, and glance down to see a wet triangle on the chair, a bit darker than the metal around it, from where my juices have gathered but I have no time to wipe it off before someone is there, ready to take my seat. I hope fervently that they don’t notice and grab my stuff and walk up to the front of the room. I sit down across from him and study the prompt that is in front of us. I wait for him to give me his opinion – but it becomes clear that his mind is definitely not on the assignment. I stammer as I try to ignore his eyes. They travel down to my chest and then flick lower, down towards my legs. I uncross and then recross my legs, feeling nervous under the scrutiny, but this inadvertently causes the smell of my wet pussy to escape.

As we sit awkwardly, he excuses himself to go to the restroom. I can see the unmistakable bulge in his pants as he stands up and leaves the room. I can’t help but wonder – is he going so that he can get himself under control – or is he going to relieve the pressure? I blush furiously, imagining him jerking off in the bathroom, thinking about my body. I’m aroused beyond reason.

He returns just before the Professor tells us to head back to our normal desks, about ten minutes later. I can’t tell if he did anything or not because he avoids looking at me. I realize I’m okay with it being a mystery. I hurry out of class with my bag and decide to take the elevator rather than risk the stairs again. My boyfriend is in the parking lot waiting for me, his eyes staring at me intently every step of the way. I slide into the front seat carefully and shut the door behind me, once again safe from all the eyes outside.

He starts driving, and reaches over to grab my hand. “You okay?”

“Yeah – just got a lot of um, attention today.”

He grins. “I bet you did.”

We head home and as we do, I wonder what my next dare from Mr. X will bring. If this was the first – and likely the easiest – what on earth is in store for me next?

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