Game Stop Sex: CC’s Sidewalk Experiment

CC is a bold young woman living in Los Angeles. She wrote in asking for a monthly dare, and here’s her response to her most recent experiment from Mr. X.

My Sexy, Impatient Mr. X,

I hope this missive finds you well. I’m not sure if I told you, but spring is my favorite season. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining again, and I get to ditch the heavy boots for sandals, the pants for skirts, and the jackets for sleeveless tank tops. This month’s challenge is so hot that I almost think it’s better suited for summer – but since you asked so nicely, I’ll tell you what happened when I took on your dare.

It was a perfect day, around eighty degrees outside, and I’d just slipped on the sexiest little panties I own. Let me describe them for you. They are black and white, with the tiniest bit of frilly lace all along the top edge, and are semi-sheer, with a tiny sparkly heart charm that hangs on the front. I should also mention this pair is a thong, and has ribbons on each side that hold it together. I tie them into the cutest little bows. The straps hug my hips and leave my ass practically bare – the black strip of fabric connecting the front and back nestles between my cheeks. These panties are scandalous – I’d never worn them outside before. I would consider them sexy lingerie, as they aren’t particularly practical. Yet for this challenge, this was the pair that I knew I had to wear. After slipping these on, I finished getting dressed, choosing to wear a short black skirt, along with my favorite lemon colored blouse. I finished my outfit with a pair of spiky black heels – the ones I wear when I want to feel sexy and in control.

I contemplated for quite a while where I’d go to perform the challenge. I decided that I’d drive over to the Block at Orange – a sort of outdoor mall. It’s always crowded, packed with people: street performers and more stores than anyone could ever want. I figured I’d be able to find an opportune moment. My plan was simple – to walk down one of the corridors between stores, wait until no one was looking, and lose my panties without anyone seeing me. Of course, the best laid plans….

I parked my car and took a few minutes to compose myself. What had seemed so easy in my head was now a lot harder now that I was actually there. Scenarios ran through my mind. What if someone saw me? What if it was a security guard? Could I possibly get arrested? I didn’t think so – I mean, it was just a pair of panties. I wasn’t exposing myself.

Yet, as I walked toward the stores, I found myself feeling nothing but exposed. I felt like every person that passed me knew I was up to something. I hugged my purse close to my body, and decided that I needed to calm down first. Being paranoid wasn’t going to help.

I stopped by Starbucks and decided to order an iced green tea. When I pushed open the door, a blast of cold air flowed over my body and lifted my skirt slightly. I hastily ran my hands down over the fabric, smoothing it into place, and glanced around, making sure that no one saw anything they weren’t supposed to. It didn’t seem like anyone was looking at me. After waiting in line and placing my order, I walked around the bar to wait for my drink. I was acutely aware of the wood touching the back of my legs as I leaned against a wall near the counter. I thought about the tiny pair of panties I was wearing, and how it wouldn’t be long before I’d have nothing on but a short skirt.

I left Starbucks with my drink in hand and wandered through the labyrinth of the shopping mall. It was every bit as crowded as I had imagined it would be. I ducked into Bath and Body Works to purchase lotion and left smelling like a mix of blackberries, brown sugar, and figs. I finished my drink and threw the cup into a trash can. I stopped for a moment and suppressed a giggle, feeling the irony of the situation at hand. It wouldn’t be long before I was tossing something much more risqué into a bin.

My mission now came to the forefront of my mind – I had to stop stalling. I walked on, turning a corner. Here was a section that was clearly for young men, with stores like PAC-Sun, and Nike. I thought if I was going to be seen, or caught, I’d prefer it if it was a guy, rather than a mom with a stroller. I placed my shopping bag within my purse and slipped it over my shoulder so that my hands were free. I walked slowly, scanning the scene for a good spot. All of the trash cans were in the center of the corridor. There was really no way to drop my panties there without being completely out in the open. I continued walking, scouting out a location that would work for what I was intending. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a place to stash my panties other than in a planter. As I gazed around, passing a store window, I suddenly had an idea.

Since I was going to be ditching my sexiest thong, why not give someone a real thrill instead of just throwing them away? Biting my lip, I entered Game Stop – a mecca for gamers. The shelves were full of new releases, and a few guys were browsing the titles. There was only a single guy behind the register, and he seemed absorbed in a comic book. I walked quickly to the back of the store, and after ascertaining that the guys in the store weren’t paying me any attention, I slipped my hand under my skirt and tugged on the strings holding my panties on, loosening first one side, and then the other. I kept my legs clenched tight, holding onto the fabric so that it didn’t fall. I glanced up again, and noticed with dismay that the cashier was on his way over to me.

I fidgeted nervously and decided to give him my most dazzling smile. Did he see anything?

“Can I help you find anything?” he asked as he rubbed the back of his neck, looking up at me shyly.

I waved my hand. “Oh – no, just browsing.”

“Oh, cool. Well if you need anything, let me know.”

“Will do,” I replied.

It took me a few seconds to remember to breathe as he strolled back to the cash register. I wanted to abort the plan – I’d made contact with someone and didn’t want to be remembered. There was only one problem – I couldn’t retie my panties with one hand. It was now or never.

I widened my stance, and my thong fell to the floor. Bending down quickly, and wasting no time, I scooped it up, and stashed it behind a game on the shelf. I dashed out of the store, my face feeling like it was on fire. My heels clicked on the hot sidewalk as I walked through the seemingly endless corridors toward where I left my car. The slight breeze hurried my steps, as I felt the air on my bare ass and pussy.

My heart pounded furiously, and I slowly became aware of how aroused I was. Someone would find those panties, definitely. Would it be the cashier, or a customer? What on earth would they think? Would they sniff them, and smell my pussy? Would they slip them into a pocket to be examined later? Maybe use them to masturbate with?

I pictured my panties wrapped around a hard cock. I imagined a stranger ejaculating all over them. My pussy throbbed between my legs.

When at long last I reached my car, my hands were shaking, and it took me a few tries to unlock the doors. Finally, I slid into the driver’s seat, happy to be in the relative safety of my car. I locked the doors before jamming the key into the ignition. I turned the car on, and after a few moments, ice cold air from the AC blew over my warm skin. I thought of the long drive home and realized how horny I was.

I didn’t want to wait. I couldn’t.

I leaned forward and slipped my hand between my legs. My clit begged for immediate attention, and I stroked it softly. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the familiar feeling of my fingers playing with the sensitive little bud. Gathering some of the wetness from below, I used the slickness to glide over the swollen nub, circling it the way that I liked, gradually adding pressure.

I imagined my panties draped over a man’s face, his nose buried where my crotch had been. In my mind’s eye, his tongue darted out, licking the fabric, as he tried in vain to taste me. The scene suddenly shifted, and I pictured his tongue directly on my pussy, lapping up the juice from my dripping cunt. I imagined being back in the store and leaning back against the shelf as a stranger tongued my pussy until I came.

I gasped as a flash of pure heat rolled through my body, and my muscles locked into place. The most inarticulate, inhuman sound burst forth from my lips as tiny explosions rocked my pussy, each spasm delicious, and exquisitely intense.

Suddenly exhausted, I withdrew my fingers and took a few minutes to compose myself. My breathing slowly returned to normal. I glanced at myself in the rear-view mirror, and scarcely recognized the glassy-eyed, flush-faced brunette staring back at me.

It’s only a shame that you couldn’t have been there in person, Mr. X. I do love teasing you – and I imagine you would have loved the show. It’s so incredibly hot that those panties are now out in the world, carrying my scent, and our little secret. Do keep the dares coming. I can’t wait for the next one.

Purring in anticipation,


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