Lust is my stop: a reader’s sexy bus experiment

A nude awaiting a moment of lustThere are secret connections being formed underground. A million erotic secrets just whizzed through the world wide web.

Look across the office, look across the bar: that person you see may well be performing some elaborate sexual experiment as you stare. Stare intently enough, and you might become part of the experiment, too.

I have no idea what new, exotic lusts strangers are propelling you towards, but I have news from the underground, from a sexual secret agent who calls herself Sloane. She’s won a competition, she’s stripped in The Photo Orgy, and she reports of excruciatingly sensual games she’s anonymously playing with her newfound friends.

Listen in:

Oh X,

Just thought I’d share a bit of what a few of your members have been up to.

I’m having so much fun talking with several wonderful members on this site. One of the people I’ve been messaging asked me to reply with (amongst other answers) where I was when I read his message to me. I was going to be on a bus heading into town for lunch that particular morning, so I figured that would provide a good setting to check my messages.

This was (most of) my reply to him:

Waiting at the bus stop. For clothing, I had on jeans and a white t-shirt with a lower scoop collar. I had my brown riding boots on, and my black leather jacket. I was wearing a white lace bra with a yellow bow on it, and black-and-pink cheeky undies. And my perfume.

I waited until the bus pulled up to my stop. When I sat down, I put my iPod on shuffle and went about checking email on my phone.

I do not usually read about sexy topics in public, and while there were only like four other passengers, none sitting near me, I still got a little thrill out of it. So I’m reading, and the next song on my iPod is one of ‘those’ songs, one that can give me goosebumps when I hear it (Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughn).

So I’m reading sexy emails, and that song starts…. I would like to think I let out just a sigh. But not being able to hear myself because of the iPod, I’m afraid of the noise I made. I know some sound has escaped my lips, and I look up to see every passenger looking at me, so I guess it was quite audible. Oh gosh.

So I finish reading this particular email, put my phone away, and allow my mind to work away at what I could put in my reply as the bus goes along. There is a man who got on at some point while I was reading, and I found myself staring at him. He is fairly attractive, my mind is in some kind of lustful state, and I instantly start to think of what I would do to him, and what he could do to me. Luckily he was reading something so he didn’t notice my staring.

I realized my stop was coming up, so I snapped myself out of it and started to collect my purse. Other passengers began to stand up, and this caused my mystery man to look up from his paper and realize that it was his stop too. And out of the corner of my eye, I saw him look up, and then at me, and he held his eyes there. He was watching me, and I don’t think he could tell I knew, as I didn’t return the glance. And then something made me think that this was the perfect second to undo my jacket to “adjust my shirt underneath”. And when I did stand up, I may have done a little butt wiggle as I adjusted my jeans. Why? I have no clue. I blame this site.

So after getting off the bus, it was nearly lunchtime, and wouldn’t luck have it, lots of the businessmen were out walking around in their suits. Well that certainly kept my mind in its lusty state.

I managed to act normal at lunch in front of my party, although one of them did ask if I was warm (flushed was more like it). Despite trying to behave myself, I caught the eyes of a suited man, who watched me as I walked past him to the bathroom. Then I glanced over my shoulder to see him smiling at me.

I stood in the bathroom and thought: “What is happening? Something has changed in me, or has been brought out in me, or something. I was a shy, reserved person until like…last week! And I was nice enough to people I didn’t know, but I was never totally comfortable with even something like eye contact. Now look at what I’m doing! Look at how I am viewing perfectly innocent strangers!”

And I’ll be damned if I didn’t look up in the mirror, and I was smiling.

So that was well received by the other person. This was also several weeks ago (oh how I’ve changed in such a short while) and wouldn’t you know it, I got another offer of a lunch date that would put me back into the same bus scenario. I happened to mention this to this same person, and it was suggested (possibly by me) that this might be a good opportunity to try out an experiment. Nothing extravagant – just a little dare to make the bus ride potentially more enjoyable.

This was the suggestion I received:

“I want you to accidentally keep falling into someone. Definitely a guy, and the more attractive he is the better. I’m not sure how bumpy your busses are, but the ones I’ve been in would offer you plenty of opportunity. And see just how much of your body you can touch to him at once.”

Goodness – nothing hotter than getting touched by a stranger on a bus. This was going to be trickier for sure, but I was willing to give it a go.

I figured I should dress up a bit to lessen the potential creep factor. A short white trench coat over a knee length dress with shorter heels, and I did my hair and makeup up a bit more. Tried to give the impression that I was maybe some very important businesswoman, as opposed to a lusty lady who was there to do some random manhandling on my way to lunch.

So I got on the bus, and it was not as busy as I would have hoped for. I had a surprisingly optimistic attitude about this dare, and I would never have done this before joining this site – guaranteed. The bus gradually got busier the more stops it visited, and the further into town we went, the more businessmen got on (men in suits are among my weaknesses). I was trying to read these men, trying to get a vibe off of them – I needed someone distracted but not too distracted. One man frantically checked his watch every minute, obviously very late – too irritated. Another shuffled through his business papers – too focused. Despite my determination to attempt this, I didn’t want to interrupt anyone. Also, having only one shot at this made me a bit choosier as well. It would take it to a whole new level of creep if I went up to man after man on the bus grabbing at them.

I saw a man get on that seemed to fit what I was looking for. I guessed he was probably in his late twenties. Quite attractive – nice haircut, nice suit, didn’t seem weird, reading a newspaper but also glancing around every once in a while. I figured he seemed the best fit. It was getting somewhat close to my stop, so I stood up and gave my seat to someone and tried to appear nonchalant as I made my way closer to the front of the bus, where he was standing.

The people around him got off the bus at the next stop, and I stepped up beside him. He looked up and glanced at me for the first time, which almost threw me off, as he had been my focus for several minutes. I just returned his glance with a small grin, and he did the same, then went back to reading his paper. And I realized then that I had really not thought this through. I had no idea how to go about this. Ask him if he would mind if I felt his biceps? Wait for my stop and grab him as I ran off the bus? Crazy-person status for sure, and also not anything I would do, so this had to be casual. I also realized that I was thinking too hard over this. This wasn’t a big dare, or a big deal, and I thought I should just kind of let the scenario happen.

He was to my right, and I happened to glance at his newspaper, and there was an article on the right side of the paper, furthest side away from me. So I started reading it. I figured that reading over someone’s shoulder, while possibly a little intrusive/rude, is not uncommon on a bus. The article extended down one side of the paper, in a column, so the further I read, the more I had to position myself closer to him. I just kept reading, and leaning in closer, and then I felt myself press into him, the front of my shoulder into the side of his arm. I read a few more sentences and glanced up, and he was looking at me. Not glaring or creeped out, just confused I’m sure. Leaning into him was on purpose, but looking up at him caused a completely genuine reaction – I said: “Oh! I am so sorry. I just got caught up reading that article!,” and I know I blushed. He chuckled and said: “Oh, that’s okay. It happens.” We stared at each other for a second, and at this point I realized I hadn’t moved – I was still leaning into him. He smiled at me, and I totally surprised myself by smiling back.

Then the bus suddenly came to a halt, sending a lot more of me pressing into him, and he had to grab a railing to keep from tumbling. I had been focusing on him and hadn’t been looking around, and this was where I needed to get off the bus. I said: “Oh this is my stop. Sorry about all that again,” and pulled away from him. He said: “No don’t worry about it,” and smiled at me again. I smiled back and walked past him and off the bus. As I walked away, I glanced over my shoulder back to the bus, and he was watching me. This caused me to giggle, which he seemed to appreciate. I turned back and kept walking to where my lunch date was, and I was (and am) very surprised at myself for doing this, but oddly proud as well.

So a lingering shoulder-to-arm touch, then a quick-but-full-on body press (not planned) – seemed like a successful mission to me.

So some of us have not been behaving ourselves, but behaving just as we should (and I imagine how you want us to). Back some weeks ago when I was more innocent, before joining this site, I would never have attempted this. But oh how quickly people can change. I can tell you I love the change as well. Or maybe it’s just something that is finally being brought out in me. Either way, I think it is awesome.




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5 thoughts on “Lust is my stop: a reader’s sexy bus experiment”

  1. Ahh, hearing about the evolution of a sexual soul is so incredibly rewarding isn’t it! I am sure that everyone here wants to know more about the ways big and small that you are coming out of your shell (I know I do). But Sloane, tell the truth, are you really as innocent and awed by the world Mr. X has exposed you to, or have you always known and felt deep down that you are really just a sexy little mix who needed an excuse to raise her sexual being flag?

    Alas, this seems to be the intent and genius of Mr. X’s creation – to both allow the deviants (or at least more sexual beings) of the world to expose their dirty little minds and for the doe eyed innocents to get caught up in the exciting web of human sexuality. Thank you kind sir, and thank you Ms. Sloane for sharing. Everyone loves the story of how the student becomes the master and I for one plan to sit right here and witness your transformation, bit by naughty bit.

  2. Growing up, I used to imagine that every person I saw was either on their way to have sex or on their way from having sex. Now, I know I was right, and the only question is, how many are engaged in what kind of experiment?

    1. I’m sitting in a cafe right now, and it is true that if you stare long enough you start to imagine experimental connections. At this point I’m thinking that the entire left half of the room may well be involved in a filthy sex experiment.

  3. I have days like this occasionally. A lingering look, an exaggerated swagger, a quick pull-down of my shirt to expose more decolletage. I feel taller, sexier, more beautiful and powerful. In these moments I feel we are all connected, all the time, and we only need to dip into this pool of connection to reveal its existence.

    It’s beautiful. I love this.

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