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    I love anal sex with women. There – I said it. I truly enjoy the preparation involved in getting ready for anal. I like beginning with cunnilingus with light fingering of the anus. Hell, that alone is a good time. After an orgasm or two there is a slow transition to deeper, slower fingering with plenty of lube. Finally, there is the slow and, hopefully, enjoyable transition to dick.

    Sadly, my experience with anal is quite limited. Twice, in fact, and it has been over 7 years since my last experience. My wife is not down with anal which is unsurprising. A National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) shows that only 12% of women in my age group (40-49) engage in anal sex.

    So why do I love anal sex? For my generation, it is rare and therefore it is somewhat a case of wanting what is forbidden. But it is also a bit of a power play, isn’t it? To me, it is all of this plus it is simply something different and exciting.

    What about the people in this community? Have you had anal? Do you enjoy it? Why do you suppose it isn’t as prevalent as other sexual behaviors?

    • I am uncertain of the statistics but venture to say that anal sex might be more prevalent with today’s younger, sexually active cohorts. Nevertheless, I believe there is quite a power play aspect to anal sex, as well as a significantly important intimacy that is at once deeply erotic, kinky, emotionally scary. Perhaps the only other thing more forbidden might be rimming a man.

    • It’s much more popular in different communities, where there isn’t a ‘prejudice against it’ related to propriety, hygenie, and intensity. That is one level of barrier. A second level of barrier is we have become very ‘resistant’ to each other, we are all so strong, and independent, we struggle to really surrender ourselves our body to being penetrated, invaded by another. To being so devoted to the journey we might travel with them that intensity and pleasure collide. For anal to be enjoyable, there has to be a let down, a let down of all the ways we protect and defend ourselves, and an interest in the shared adventure of intimacy, and everything, and anything that might entail. I’ve spoken to so many of my vanilla girlfriends about this, and the reasons they have for rejecting it are just so baseless, and yet they argue them… and finally I say, you realize you who has never done this or even known anyone who has, is arguing that you know more about what it is, and what’s possible, with me who has actually experience, and friends with experiences, and yet your sure your right? Then we laugh, and I make a little head ways.