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    Mr Goodcock…I have to applaud your efforts. I have been somewhat inactive on this site for the past little bit, but I know how thankless it might sometimes seem to keep the conversation going around these parts, so I wanted to express my appreciation for much of what you have shared!

    I don’t have a picture of my lips at hand (although they might be somewhere on this site), but I DID want to offer my OWN small collection of inspiring images. This particular collection has to do with a real live, professional woman who – undoubtedly like a fair number of women on this site (and or the men in their lives) – appreciates wearing stockings and frilly little bits of sexy fabric UNDER their work clothes. This particular woman has a Tumblr site where she so graciously shares with the world both the OUTSIDE and INSIDE perspectives on how she likes to express her femininity on an almost daily basis! I, for one, greatly appreciate and am fully supportive of her efforts!

    Without further ado…

    I give you a sample from Mrs. Highclass in Highheels ( )! Including a small revelation of her kinky side! Can you find it?