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    There, in our own dark universe, he reached for and kissed me. I kissed him. We kiss and gravitate closer and closer. The galaxies wrapping around us are stretching further and further apart. The deep voice above hums about dark energy, some fundamental force that is accelerating the expansion of the universe, a…[Read more]

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    “Looks good. On time. About half an hour, she’d be here.” Alex takes Rachel’s hand and guides her awkwardly toward some seats near the gate. Rachel fidgets quietly until he pulls her close to him. His arm around her waist, her hand on his torso. Their heads close. “I’ve got you,” he reassures her.

    From…[Read more]

    • lake replied 10 years ago

      “hammering of heart beats and heaving of labored breathes” indeed, you have ratcheted up the emotion to a truly torturous level. Merciless tension makes me squirm.

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    If the essence of my being has caused a smile to have appeared upon your face or a touch of joy within your heart. Then in living – I have made my mark.”

    Thomas L. Odem, Jr

    Some things really are just simple.
    Happy Sunday Peoples

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    Adding Lexi

    It figures that when I finally get to live out my top-of-the-list fantasy, my flight was delayed. It was after two in the morning when I arrived at the hotel. I quietly entered the one bedroom suite. Exhausted slumber filled the stillness. The inner bathroom light gave a slight illumination as my eyes adjusted and focused on the…[Read more]

    • Fantastic Mallory, and I hope there’s some grain of truth. And beautifully written. Particularly loved this: “We spent the rest of the morning rediscovering sex in this slightly more crowded context, developing our own new triangular language.”

      Would love to publish this up on the blog for others if you’re not opposed. As you wish (always as you wish!)…

    • So much tension all the way through, it was captivating. This is poetic at times and insanely hot throughout… I am squeezing my thighs together right now so I can focus long enough to type this reply.

      • Okay I am still thinking about this… and yes, still to the same effect! You created such a vivid picture and dynamic, my mind has so many fun, sexy, romantic places to go with this… I want more!

        • I hope in the mean time, you had stopped squeezing those delicious thighs and opened up for some other focus.

          • Oh I did indeed.. In fact I had to go to bed early last night because I wore myself out after reading this one… So many lovely places to insert or transpose myself!

            • Wonderful! I hope you will conjure up different places later on and wear yourself out again.

              • I have an assignment from M tonight… I’ve been plotting all day how to work this and you have definitely helped! Trust me I will be worn out in all kinds of wonderful ways, no one appreciates a ‘more crowded context’ quite like him!… Ummmm just had the thought, maybe me, but then no, no it’s definitely him.

                • Methink’s you are being a little coy mrs. lake! Based On what. You have shared so far, I find it hard to imagine your appreciation of a ‘crowded context’ isn’t sufficiently robust to challenge such a premise. Are you sure you wouldn’t care to award a ‘tie’ instead? Also, I was curious as to whether you might care to share what assignment Mrs…[Read more]

                  • Lol… It is a tough one to call 😉

                    Master has put in my possession one very small ( 2 inch to be precise) waterproof, hd camera with a full battery and an empty memory card. His new toy must be returned to him tomorrow and I am to have fully demonstrated that I am indeed taking very very good care of his pussy in his absence. Needless to say,…[Read more]

    • Wow…I have clearly been absent for too long! I have perused the site to discover a little about what has been transpiring, but this is the first post I chose to read in full and to say that I am glad this is where I started would be a profound understatement (well…the reaction it inspired in mrs. lake definitely had something to do with it as…[Read more]

    • Your responses are just delightful. Thank you. Perhaps you might even care to elaborate?

      • Yes do elaborate, what thoughts does it spur, which sentences in particular make your energy surge… Why? Do you put yourself in the story, what about being in that position is most desired…

        I can hardly wait for more! Oh and Mallory, please tell me you are going to continue this story!! I do so want more, I do so want Lexi begging at your…[Read more]

    • Such sacrifices on this dirty girls account… I am indeed touched!

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    So this is more a description of a scene, than a story, but so are most of mine, and I haven’t let that stop me yet 😉 Besides no one has posted here lately, so I figured I score some points for just getting anything up.


    Received a text at work, “Do you want to?”

    I replied, “Yes always”

    I set the phone down, staring waiting, excitem…[Read more]

    • ‘my adventures’… giggle 🙂

      Funny you should mention that, there is a huge library in my neighborhood, every time I pass it I think, one of these days I have to stop in there and take a dirty picture for you 🙂 What I can’t figure out is how to take a picture holding the camera myself that would give me enough background for you to even tell I…[Read more]

      • I dare you to take a picture in the library!

        Six feet? I hate you.

        • Now that I’ve said it, I am more determined to get…so I definitely see it happening once I figure out the logistics. Maybe everyone should come up with one! We’ll have library week! Books are good for us ..right!?!

          I hope that comes with some pinching and biting and slapping, my petite madam 😉

    • I can’t decide whether to reply humbly, coyly or total air of confidence on that one… it’s got me locked up!

      Can’t Wait! The thought of helping to motivate this story line to continue, may just get me to find a way to work out my camera challenge once and for all.

    • it’s on like donkey kong

      • I don’t even know where to begin in responding tho this thread so I just decided to say that I can not wait to see the results of your “stacks” of pleasure for our viewing pleasure!!!

    • Yes, I bet you’d like to enjoy how our pages unfold.

    • Love it, love the edges of your writing.

      • Love that your comment made me re-read this… And of course re-remember! I’ve been told my writing is ‘un-romantic’ so now I can reply that I am good with edgy 🙂

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