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    Me with a friend…

    • Gorgeous!

    • You know when you go to a restaurant, and there are so many things on the menu that tantalize you, that you don’t want to decide… instead your just sitting there smiling thinking to yourself, I really like this restaurant. That’s what this pic did to me. Usually In the restaurant I try to figure out how I am going to get a taste of as many of the items as possible.

    • Beautiful picture! Is she cinching you up or helping to untie that sexy corset?

      • This made me think of one of my fantasies which is to serve the role of a Ladies Maid…the one who helps bath and dress and prepare the Lady of the house for her day/evening affairs. I quite the like idea of bathing a woman and helping her “prepare” and dress for in upcoming sexy evening. To be able to accompany her to that event and enjoy her undressing later…well…icing on the cake!

        • In ancient times, these Maids also personally educated and prepared their ladies for sexual congress.

          • I’m almost ancient. Where the hell are my maids?! I need congress, dammit.

          • You have read my mind!?!
            Actually I am very handy with a straightedge razor…and I can think of LOTS of areas that would be better smooth heading into a long adventurous evening out!

            • As you can see from my photo (or maybe not) I won’t need a razor. I trim, I clean up, but I do not do shaved–I am a woman. Women have hair. That’s my personal preference. That, and my husband is a child of the 70’s and HE likes hair. If he had his way, I’d have a huge bush. But alas, I’m just not that hairy in that area. So instead, A. James, bring a dab of my favorite perfume, will you darling. Place a tiny bit just….there. Thank you.

      • She’s removing it…it was time for me to tie her.