• One Eyed Willie changed their profile picture 10 years, 3 months ago

    • How I wish you were home. I don’t know if I can last 2 days without you Mr. Willie 🙁

    • Over the next two days, I want you to imagine all the different ways we are going to make up for this lost time. As you do I want you to put yourself in the moment and use these mental images to pleasure yourself (once) each day. If you think your going to “get off” that easy my puppet you are wrong. The kicker is that it must be at the start of the day. As for the night you will bring yourself as close to climax without orgasm for a count of three times each night. You will save your final pent up sexual desire for the morning I come home. That will be when you will be able to have your release multiple times and in multiple ways…

      • And send him pictures when you do it… Hell send us pictures… Better yet, write up exactly what you were thinking and include it with the pictures! 🙂

      • 3 times each night…. without going?! Why Sir, I do believe your crazy. I can only imagine the dreams I would have with so much pent up sexual energy.

        What do you think Mr. Willie… should I post the pics here or just send them to you?

        • Come on Willie! Let’s be a team player here! Share ones good fortune and all that…

        • And kitty to be specific, he did say to not just do this, but to push it to the absolute brink, to hold yourself there as long as possible, but not dare go over, and when your panting, do it again, and then when your panting and sweating and your cunt is clinching… To wait but then do it again, and when you can’t even touch yourself without going over to be very very still watch your chest rise and fall, breath straight into those parts of you that are throbbing the hardest, and push your legs even wider and THEN my dear sweet soft little pussy… Do it again, pull your hands away, whisper his name and just try not to cum as. You picture him over you, but with nothing touching you. Afterwards, when your breathing is level, close your eyes and don’t move a single muscle relax every inch of your Body From the beginning of Vivaldi’s il Proteo straight through to the end. If you have come, then you can spend the time thinking about which instrument he will choose to punish you with.

    • Actually, putting it where you did, just made me realize there is now a media feature associated with each of our profiles!! Holy hell… We are so going to need a game for this!! Think people… It could be oh so good for all of us.