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    The Bicycle Experiment

    It all started innocently enough, with a post-race hug. Yet there was something, perhaps the body heat and warmth of late summer or the peculiar cocktail of hormones and pheromones in the air that flipped a switch somewhere inside me. He went from “the attractive, but crazy guy I ride with sometimes” to newly-acquired target.

    … but how would I try to go in for the kill? I remembered the giggle-filled advice of my teenage years from friends and silly magazines about how guys like having something to chase. However, my literal-minded nature decided this was impossible as he was one of the fastest things on two wheels I’ve ever seen. Even chasing after him would be a daunting challenge.

    We ride in a pack of sorts, a social group that prowls the city by night, committing various trespasses and washing it down with a few beers. One night a few weeks later, I carefully gauged his receptiveness with a few measured questions such as if he liked it when girls were aggressive. He and the other guys commented on my rather unique bike lock (it looks similar to a pair of handcuffs, but are much heavier and suited to securing two-wheeled investments worth much more than my commuter rig) when we all locked together on the limited space in front of the bar. After the crowd had cleared out, I awkwardly negotiated myself into a date.

    There was supposed to be a storm that day, but being a former resident of the Pacific Northwest, a bit of rain wasn’t about to get in my way and it certainly didn’t get into his. After tapas and drinks, we watched the sun go down by the pond with a couple of beers. We lay on the ground cover of dead leaves in the dark and I worked my way to kissing him. The wind rose as we sat up, my legs wrapped around him, kissing like we were about to devour each other. Faint patters of rain started in my hair, then I heard:

    “Your place. How far is it?”

    “Just up the hill.”

    “Lead the way.”

    We raced back just in time for the downpour to start, wind howling all the way. For how fast he rides, I found that there are some things he prefers to take slowly. He asked me what was the most number of times I had come in one night. I told him eight and his reply: “That few?” It would be easy to write him off as full of braggadocio, except the things he does just with his hands and mouth alone make me tremble just thinking about them.

    Slight flash forward to another ride home in the rain: sitting at a stoplight, he asked me to move up closer to him in the left turn lane, kissed me, traced his thumb along my lips and said “I can’t wait to eat you out.” The light changed, he sped off and I nearly fell off of my bike.

    All I can say is all the riding he does definitely caused an increase in stamina compared to guys I’ve dated who don’t ride. Even after sex, he continued to touch and kiss me everywhere, basically ensuring I was either at peak or plateau levels of pleasure. Once again, I find myself in a situation where I’m afraid that I just can’t keep up with him. However, the things he murmurs while I have his cock in my mouth, while he’s fucking me or while I’m riding on top of him assure me that I’m at least keeping my end of the bargain.

    I don’t believe either of us get much sleep when we’re together.

    The group, except for maybe the people I’m closest to, aren’t privy to our trysting. He’s sort of invented a code during the group ride. He’ll inconveniently have left his bike lock at home or at work and ask me to lock my bike to his at the bar (I’m hoping this isn’t the only way we’ll be cuffed together, considering he’s let slip that he owns rope and handcuffs). After the ride thins to the both of us, he’ll say something cheeky like “I don’t want to sleep in my apartment tonight.” and I’ll reply with something like “Sorry, I don’t exactly have a couch you can crash on, so I suppose we’ll have to be creative.” This most recent time also occurred after a rainy ride.

    So, that was a bit of a long introduction and explanation of my whereabouts lately. This is the experiment I proposed to him. We have yet to actually conduct it, but if/when we do, I promise to post the results. If there are any riders out there, feel free to adapt this one to your purposes as well.

    The Bicycle Experiment:

    Our cycling community has a scavenger hunt of sorts. The game involves one person taking a photograph of their bicycle in a location within the city/metro area. Everyone else has to figure out where it is and the first person to reproduce the picture with their bike gets to pick the next location. He’s been doing rather well with these challenges lately. Part of what turns me on so much about him is how he knows this city like the back of his hand. He knows the secret, but straightforward ways to cross town, the quiet ways, the long scenic routes… yet he’s also not afraid to dart through traffic. When I’m with him, it feels like he has a map of my body, knowing exactly where to stroke, tease, kiss, lick, bite, scratch.

    I wanted to add an element to that just for us. I would take a photograph in my current location and give him a timeframe to arrive and either the name or picture of an implement (handcuffs, rope, flogger, etc.). If he arrives within the timeframe given, he can do whatever he want to me with previously-mentioned implement. If he is late, I get to do whatever I want to him with said implement. This can either take place at the location or either of our places depending on the time/location. He is free to issue me the same challenge, and I believe this would definitely be a great incentive for me to improve my speed or finally invest in a proper racing bike. Either way though, I feel like I would win regardless of the outcome of the challenge.

    • Very excited for you that this has taken off, and absolutely dying to see this experiment played out. Please, please put it to him!

    • Totally thrilled for you and I am drooling over all the possible results of your experiment.