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    • I tried to comment on your Hitachi post but it wouldn’t let me, so I’ll post it here–for every day (and I mean EVERY day) I love the Hitatchi. I have one by the bed (hooked up to a dial feature that allows me to change vibration speed gradually to whatever I want), one in the drawer for travel and–this is important–a back-up one incase one burns out! Yes. But let me ask you, darling…have you ever been on a Sybian? I have one. We pull it out for special occasions or as an icebreaker with other people…if you haven’t tried it, you simply must. <3

      • I never saw you as a Hitachi slut…but I DO really like knowing that you have ALL you bases covered when it comes to your daily…exercise…routines! And the Sybian is a mythical beast…although the thought alone of visiting your house and it being used as an ICEBREAKER!?! Is it sitting in he middle of the room when they arrive or quietly innocently off to the side? Once someone brings it up, do you dare them to give it a go? And if they are shy…might you Mrs. Anais stand up, dispense with your clothing, lube up the dildo before gently easing yourself down on it so that you might give them a really good demonstration of its capabilities?
        I definitely need to find a way to get invited over to your house!!!

        • I am NOT a Hitachi slut. I am a cock slut. BUT all of my lovers and my husband are gainfully employed–so my horizontal lunches are few and far between, unfortunately. So the magic wand must suffice. And yes, we have the Sybian off to the side…when everything has been properly stoked, we bring them in, and I dare her to ride. I watch as her husband controls it, and Mr. A and I get on the bed and watch while we slowly tease and undress each other…

          • Just so we are clear…
            I love all sluts equally no matter WHAT their “flavor”. I am just proud of you letting the world know that such a no nonsense beast is your “go to” man cock backup – not some teeny tiny little underpowered bullet that you keep in the side pocket of your purse and have to press firmly into your clit with both hands in the bathroom at work in order to get yourself off! I quite like knowing that a lot!!!

        • Side note–once I rode a Sybian (someone else’s at a gathering) for a room of about 20 people. They are hard to come by unless you own one, Ms Gola…it was a lovely birthday gift to me and my girlfriend at the time, from Mr. A. I got custody when she and I parted ways.

      • Maybe I will try the Sybian, never had a chance so far, but I am sure it is as good as you say it is!