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    As the rain falls, I recline in deep thoughts regarding the time at which we will be in another country. When the breeze will play over our bodies from the balcony with the waves gentle ebb and flow upon the sand below. Can we rediscover what we once enjoyed? Before careers took over. And parenting? And Covid? Can we enjoy each other? In a warm embrace? Can I taste you again? Can I long for you again? Can I lose my breath with you again? Despite all the bruises we have had? I love you and miss that stranger that is erotic. That swept our bodies, but more importantly our minds.

    • I mourn the loss of the us that was. I treasure every sweet and loving moment that we share. Daily. I miss the naked, desperate, hungry, longing moments that we used to share. I’m both horny and hopeful. Thankful and terribly sad.
      • The clouds are beginning to break a bit as I touch myself, thinking of you and pondering how to recapture what once was. How to tell you the things that I desire so deeply that scare me.
        • Holly, this is beautiful, poignant, and sadly common. You ask the greatest questions, to which few of us have the answers. How do we share a lifetime of managing life together and still have the raw desire to pursue and discover each other? How do you chase someone you “have?” How do you see someone you’ve been with forever, with new eyes?
          • Keep asking, keep thinking, keep wanting. Only then, will you find the way.