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    This fantasy of mine is have my wife fuck the groomsmen on our wedding day and have them all creampie her. Then tell her not to wear any underwear. As she’s walking down the isle to me, the groomsmen’s cum will be dripping out from her pussy, running down her legs. All throughout her vows about being faithful and loving to me, cum will be dripping. After she kisses me, I’ll whispers in her ear and ask if she enjoyed the surprise I left her and I hope my groomsmen took good care of her.

    • Wicked hot.
      How many groomsmen?
      Did the groom have his own debauchery?
      Will the wedding night be traditional or orgy style?

    • Ah yes, men do so love to corrupt their women, expose them as a wanton slut, and then possess them and control all this sexual power… so greedy you are đŸ˜‰ very hot.