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    Fuck! I was going to be late again, and possibly late enough to lose the reservation. I wanted to text her so she would know to talk to them and ensure they held the table, but I was having a hard time admitting to myself how late I was actually going to be. It was also just a crappy way to kick off the date, so I only wrote, ‘on my way, not going to make it early as I had planned’, then went back to believing I was going to make it in time.

    I walked in, and was just starting to talk to the hostess when I saw her. She turned full body to face me, smiling broadly from the table. I instantly relaxed, smiled back, informed the waitress and walked over. She straightened and her smile just kept getting bigger, I think she said quietly, ‘Hi’ or something like that. I walked up close to her, so that the edges of our bodies were touching. Put my finger tips on her neck and slowly bent to kiss her softly on the mouth. ‘Hello’, I replied looking into her eyes.

    Once I sat down, I was able to really take her in. She looked good. She was more dressed up than I’d ever seen her. I liked it, but part of me flinched at the same time because I was more dressed down than usual, just slacks and a sweater. As dinner progressed she leaned further and further in towards me. I’m convinced her eyes got more sparkly as well. The further she leaned, the more I could see the edges of her red lace bra. This made the fact that we were at a table and seated on opposite sides begin to frustrate me. I wanted to touch the edges of her bra. From her expression and body language, I knew she knew, I wanted to to.

    I stood up and walked around the table. Slid my hand across her abdomen and her chin tilted up to me. I kissed her again, hand hooked on the opposite side of her waist. It was a longer kiss this time, still just one kiss, but lingering. Then I continued on to the restroom.

    When we walked out, I grabbed her arm, held it tight and pulled her snug into me as we walked. We passed a dive bar with high booths and a band playing. We ducked in. She talked, I let my fingers play up and down her shoulders and neck. Later with my other hand I did similar to her arm, her own hands, and then her thighs. When I went higher up her leg and pressed along the crease where leg meets torso she collapsed into me and stopped talking. I let my other hand drop from behind her neck and brushed her hair back above and behind her ear. I kept doing that as I continued to let my fingers work. I could feel myself heating between my legs. Feel my want climbing to the surface. The room grew smaller… no bigger than just us.

    When her body shuttered, lips parted, and she gasped air; her head fell back and my mouth was on hers. Whenever I kiss her, I can feel her eagerness with such transparency. The reveal always delights me. I brought my other hand from between her legs up to her neck. I place it palm flat, let my fingers wrap around, before I let it start to slowly slide down. I love to hold my hand flat across a woman’s chest and squeeze and explore sliding it all the way out to her armpits. I can hear her whimpers against my lips. I let my pinky finger split off and down and at first over the top edges of that lace red bra, then just under, just the tips. But now I’m losing myself too, and I want more, I feel strong, ravenous, and unstoppable. The muscles along the sides of my hips clinch. I push my pinky all the way down to slide over the edge of her aureole and then slowly in, till it is pushing against the firmness of her nipple. I move achingly slow, as much for my own sake as for hers, relishing every second of the pounding in my head and chest, how I crave this! At last, I use the pad on the tip of my pinky finger to circle the tip of her nipple lightly. I feel her body go slack, her breathing change. ‘Fuck’, I want to pull her shirt down right here, I want her breasts fully exposed to the entire bar, I want them pert and aching, and the cool air raising goose bumps all along her flesh. As my mind toys with the idea of doing it, another finger slides under, now I am pinching and rolling and she is gasping.

    The bartender has come over to to he table, I hadn’t noticed, he taps me. I pull my hand out of her shirt. He walks away, she looks at me dreamy eyed and asks if he said something. I want to tell her how little I care, but I just shake my head and smile. Then I put my hand over her mouth kiss her face, then let my hand slip down so my fingers are along the sides of her mouth and against her jaw. We kiss hard, with my hands firmly holding her for a long time. I slip one finger into her mouth then pull back. Kiss her mouth lightly, then the side of her nose, her eye, her forehead, before dropping my hand, giving her a chance to come round. When she lifts her head, I raise my hand and signal the bartender for the check.

    • I read that and it made my nipples hard and tight and tingling. Nevermind elsewhere….

    • Oh my word…. its exactly how I imagine it would be.
      More please…

      • I read your response and I was excited to see lakes story resonate for you and then I realized that there are more than one way to interpret what “exactly” you “imagin[ed] it [to] be”!
        Were you imagining what it would be like when lake met a submissive woman for dinner?
        Were you imagining what it would be like to take a submissive woman to dinner?
        Or were you imagining having a dinner with a strong, powerful, sexual woman and actually BEING the submissive woman at the center of her attentions for the evening?
        I find the possibility of you connecting with any of these scenarios arousing, but knowing which one it was seems to open up a whole range of possibilities for my understanding of what your real sexual interests and proclivities might be Mrs. Kitty!

        To borrow your words…”More please…”

    • Well before anyone gets too invested, I have to warn you, our odds are long on this. She is genuine, sensual, earnest, beautifully non-judgemental, very much of her own mind, proud, lots of self respect, accomplished, smart, has high integrity, an adventurous spirit, and even if she is confused by how she responds to me… She clearly does respond to me (if anything I have been understating it).


      She is having a hard time wrapping her head around the idea that there is no dating me, without at least in certain ways and at certain levels also being connected to M, ideally in all the same ways that she becomes connected to me.

      Her nature is to wade in… bit by bit… so slowly… her decisions waffle, they move forward, then they regress. I wait till I choose, but once I do, I run full out to the end of the pier and jump with everything I’ve got. Give and take on the pacing will be hard, and I won’t be offering much to make her ‘comfortable’ it’s just not a part of what M and I are going for. She’ll have to manage her fear, I’ll have to manage my impatience, or we’ll pull right apart.

      She has another suitor, and he fits the view of what she has always thought she wants and needs much better than we do. However, she is a divorcee, and she is not blind to the cracks in the paradigm, and not deaf to what certain ‘alternative’ paradigms can offer.

      We shall see…

      • As Mallory suggested…the slow build-up can be as equally rewarding as the abandoned “all-in” approach…

        One thing is certain…if she gets comfortable and does ultimately choose submit herself under your conditions, then it will undoubtedly also allow her to give herself over as thoroughly and completely as she really longs for. That fact alone will almost certainly make the moment that you do take her that much more powerful for all involved. Although there are no guarantees in life, it does seem like that approach does hold the highest chance of yielding the rewards that you (and your M) desire most!
        Good luck!

        • I have developed an appreciation for the slow build up, but there comes a point when there is no longer any point in not getting what one wants…

          There comes a point when giving in is the only thing that does make sense.

          If all the pieces are in place, and she still chooses not to be comfortable, and the moments that are there, I have to just let pass by, even though there is no valid reason; then it begins to feel like a game to me, and I hate games that aren’t real… Plus it’s just frustrating as hell.

          But overall, yes, I agree and I would not want to start what I did not know would be great, and that everyone would feel good about after.

    • I’m smiling at the thought of that myself!!! Thanks for the response. Although you have to admit there is something inherently submissive about being so passive in allowing another woman to slowly taunt and tease you until you have been taken don’t you think? Another thought that brings a smile to my face!!!

      • I am searching through my history trying to recall ANY woman who was not into being slowly taunted and teased and eventually taken…

        closest I can think of… I did get slapped in the face once, but I don’t count that because, I was just trying to pick her up, I had not established any connection or gotten to anything physical yet (I’d had a tad too much to drink that night and she was just a tad too completely friggin hot, and that combination sometimes gets me cocky.)