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    True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.
    ~Albert Einstein

    Tell us something about an irresistible urge of yours. Even a fleeting one. Maybe a perpetual one. Something you’ve yet to realize? Something you can not go a day without…

    • Oh… So the Other Master is also a salacious tease! đŸ˜‰
      and when the maiden begs with her quivering lip… what mercy would you show her then Sir?

      Okay this is a little creepy, but I’m a chic and I look straight so sorry guys, i do get away with it… In the subway, walking up the longer stair cases, I like to position myself behind a lovely in a revealing or suggestive outfit, then walk behind her up the stairs. I pace so that I am in the most optimal position to view the contours of her ass, legs and on a good day lips… as they sashay up the stairs. Then I visualize my hand sliding up her thigh and between her legs, grazing, cupping, splitting her. As I do it, I have the adrenaline that’s created by being so blatant and public about the thought of taking her coursing through me, and at the same time I have the memory of the hundreds of times Master as done these very things to me making my own thighs tingle and heat. If the stairs are long enough and she walks slow enough, I get to the point where the urge to really do it so strong, I have had to catch my hand as it involuntarily lifts and begins to reach out.

    • Standing at the edge… With the siren’s song rising from deep within the abyss, and the song thrums the very membrane of your cells and vibration stirs the instinct that hundreds of thousands of years of evolution has wired into every system in your body. You stand there, but that instinct whispers, ‘jump’ or maybe your a person or it’s a day that it is not a whisper… Maybe it is a day when your cells don’t vibrate, they quake and your instincts don’t rise slow, they come fast and hard and they scream, so that there is nothing else… only that ‘jump’, only ‘now’

      I have lived too many decades of my life at the top that cliff… Only looking over, or dropping a toe, or hopping down a single step… I can’t live round the rim anymore. It’s not who i am… anymore. It’s not how I choose to live anymore… not with an infinity below and lifetime that’s finite. I am strong enough now. I am sure enough now. I can not leap and freefall, but I am learning… Not to pullback, that fear is not to be avoided, that I am not alone in this pursuit, and I have tasted that which will keep me coming back.