• lake posted an update 10 years, 1 month ago

    So is 20 years younger just too damn young?

    • Maybe. It depends. Too young for what?

    • Past 20, age is definitely a relative concept. As long as the attraction (physical or otherwise) and feelings are real and mutual and there aren’t any false pretenses, I say go for it!
      Now…The practical question as to advisability and whether it might prove worthwhile are different questions altogether. On those, I second Mallory…it depends.

    • For what I always want, another place in the world to be 🙂

      Relationally… to share to learn to experiment, to care, to provoke, to witness, to laugh, to be excited, and from there we’ll see what’s possible.

      Physically… definitely crazy, wild, safe, connected, sensual, real, exploratory, debauchery with some fine, young flesh.

      But I’m an optimist 🙂

    • I say go for it. Always be an optimist but never lose caution..

    • Going… Going… Gone 🙂