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    The First Kiss [of the relationship]

    What did it signify?
    Where did it lead?

    • Don’t we all LOVE the first kiss?!? The first kiss is ‘I like you’, ‘I get you’, ‘I want you’. It is possibility, it is heat, and energy, and connecting to another person. It is putting the idea that you may one day go deeper into each other on the table. My last fist kiss was Tuesday. It resulted in another date Wed 🙂

    • I can’t capture the link, but go to “Amalie first kiss” on YouTube

    • My last first kiss was last Monday. I am still speechless. It was the culmination of a very long sequence of flirtation, discovery, and “getting” each other.

    • Ooolala… You know I want to know more! This is very exciting.

      What did it signify?
      Where did it lead?

      I am assuming man, is that correct?

    • Ummm…I know I haven’t been active recently, so I will assume you have been saving your story until it might be met by a sufficiently ruptured audience!!! Consider me fully engaged not THIS development…

      I believe at least a little background and a few more scintillating details are in order. I would gladly share my own evolution were it nearly as noteworthy!
      Not compelling enough?!?
      OK…I guess I could share a few snippets from what has been distracting me lately…

      In no particular order…
      I have allowed my slave to take a lover (well closer to a friend with benefits) and I am actually quite pleased with how it has gone so far…
      I required her lover to reach out to me and to ask my permission to take things farther and farther with her physically. I think he thought I was joking at first, but eventually he realized that I was serious and he was mature and serious enough to finally get with the program…although asking my permission to fuck her did seem a little harder and more awkward than it should have been (Isn’t it funny how there are so many things we struggle to find he words and express what is on our minds and to just come right out and say exactly what it is that we want or need!!!)

      Lastly, I arranged to have an intimate photo shoot with me and my slave for later this summer (or early fall). It is with a photographer that I admire and respect greatly as an artist and I consider his work among the very best at capturing the energy and emotion and vulnerability of people engaged in graphic intimate sexual acts… I am still working out the details…but SOOO excited by whatever may come from this experience!!!

      Your turn…


    • See more recent post above for a little more detail.

    • Anything of mine pales in comparison to your awesome adventures.

    • lake replied 10 years ago

      Agree that we want to know more, we are very interested… Come now don’t tease us 😉

    • lake replied 10 years ago

      Oh and by the way, while we are all confessing… Luis, you’ve also been quiet/distracted lately… Is there anything you might be needing to share with us? :). I am big on hearing about all types of adventures! Seems there is always something new or old to be experienced or revisited from the inspiration and provocation!

    • Yeah, James. Come now…

    • lake replied 10 years ago

      I actually meant that for you Mallory, but when you put it like that… Well, I want that for everybody!