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    Hypothesis: desire to audio record an orgasm brings on an orgasm.

    Experiment: listen to below.

    Results: what conclusions do you draw?

    • Sorry about this but I am having technical difficulties upload the file for you all to listen.

    • I am thrilled by your delight, milord.

    • So exciting imagining you hard.

    • Imagining making you moan like that… mmm. My cock is throbbing right now.

    • Damn Mal…this is really HOT!!!

      Now we are getting a lot closer to how I have ALWAYS wanted to hear you! This reminds me of the way that my slaves orgasms build and peak and then continue to wash over her for quite a while afterwards.

      I found the background sounds of your soft, squishy wet pussy to be especially arousing (at least thats what I heard when I turned the volume way up!).

      Was this from your fingers rubbing directly against your folds?

      Would it offend you to know that I imagined how much better it would sound if it were my cock sliding in and out of your cunt that was making those noises?

      Although tell me the truth, those orgasmic ‘moans’ would have become outright ‘screams’ if they had been delivered by the skilled hands of someone other than yourself…wouldn’t they?


      • Yes, James, the experiment was only by my own fingers/hand.

        No, James, I would not be offended. In fact, you know I want you to imagine just that.

        Yes, this was a controlled experiment and therefore, resulted in moans instead of screams, had there been someone else to carry out the task.