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    OKAY Sexy Friends, we are in round 2, and we need to get to at least #100 foreplay activities. Mr X has announced the prizes. Quoting him: ” 1) if the prospect of reading it interests you, I’ll accept a dare from the crowd (be gentle), and 2) I’ll post a very explicit dare I asked @mal8899 to perform a while back (she’s agreed). Does that tempt you into another 50 tips? Hope so, and if not, tell me what else you want.”

    • #51 From out of the blue, tell him/her
      “Don’t even think about making love later.”
      “Why not?”
      “I don’t want to make love.”
      “What’s wrong?”
      “Nothing. I just don’t want it.”
      “What do you want?”
      “I want to…… FUCK.”

    • 52. Masturbate in plain sight.

    • 54) go shopping at a regular store and find items that could be used during sex… Example – while grocery shopping, check out the cucumbers and zucchinis

    • 55) still on the shopping angle – go and try on new threads – a nice dress shirt and tie for him, perhaps a sexy dress for her. flash each other while changing – or if apart – send pictures to each other

    • 56. No panties, sitting across him, uncrossing my legs so he can see my pussy. Then nonchalantly getting up and heading towards the bedroom

      • At a bar…doing the same…and heading towards the bathroom!

        Yup…I am a dirty boy and this one gets me every time!

    • 57. Reading other people posts regarding Mr. X foreplay challenge

    • 58. Watching her bade herself

    • 59. Cooking a meal for him/her and then serving it wearing nothing but apron

    • 60. Get into his/her calendar and input: “Sex @8pm” then set the alarm to go off early with enough time to go nuts, and get to the event.

      • Uh, my calendar is available to everyone in the office — well, then again, that might add something.

        • Ok, that was stupid, I put that one on Mallory’s calendar post and for this one, I was going to suggest you dab your fingers on your neck as an elegant perfume.

        • Okay, then for you, Mr AO, I’d suggest “Reading and Writing@8pm”

          • I think there was something wrong with the posts — I replied to your calendar post, but then I went to reply to Anais’ #62 and the calendar post showed up under that — and now it is all under your post. Like I can’t figure out which hole to put it in. Anyway, sorry for any confusion. And what did you mean by Reading and Writing at 8pm?

    • 62. In public: I brought my fingers up to his nose–my fingers were saturated with my scent.

      • After that long inhale…take her hand and place her fingers in my mouth so I can also taste her. Then while still standing there in public lasciviously lick them clean!

        Yup…I am a dirty boy…and I can’t help myself. A woman sharing of herself like this gets me every time!

    • 63. Open a Google Drive or DropBox folder to share erotic photos with a small group of intimates.

    • 65. Get out the camera — together.

    • 66. Haiku Poetry
      About desire and lust —
      Juices are flowing.

      • In applause of #66 and to augment #67:

        her seven button
        three undone
        -by Jeffrey Winke

      • in applause of #66–my lover (one of them_ always sends me haikus. How interesting. So how about…

        only one finger
        exploring every crevice,
        she holds very still…

    • 67. Take an elevator ride in a tall building. See:

    • Rent a room at the Standard Hotel (or similar structure) where people on the street can watch you.

    • 70. Plant an item in his/her briefcase with a note, “you are going to need this later.”

    • 72. This morning I sent an email to him that read. “I really really need a cock between my legs.” Not saying its poetic, but where things went from there… omg, glorious!

    • 73. Up your foreplay through her pressure points:

      “Location: This spot is found in the crease on the thick tendons where her legs join her abdomen near her hipbone.

      How to stimulate the area: This area may be highly ticklish, so lean into these tendons gradually with the heel of your hand and apply pressure for 30 seconds to a minute. This spot is believed to open sexual energy and desire.

      When to use it: Use during foreplay and when you perform cunnilingus.”

    • 74. If we’re doing spots, rub, scratch! lick, kiss, and\or bite me at the very top of the split between my cheeks…

      Casually, from behind the top of my jeans even, and it is very difficult for me to maintain propriety.

    • YUM

    • 76. Sexy Desserts
      Fig Tart With Custard, Crystallized Ginger and Almonds

      Figs Tart Up

    • 77. Sexy Desserts
      Pumpkin Creme Brulee
      Crème brûlée is one of the sexiest desserts. You know that tap-tap moment, when the caramelized crust shatters, and you dip into the silky, luscious, creamy custard. And I don’t have to tell you about men and the scent of pumpkin.

      • I think you do have to tell me… Wha?

        • “In fact, the study in question – conducted by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago – discovered only that ‘in those with a normal olfactory ability, a variety of odours can increase penile blood-flow’. These odours included pumpkin pie, liquorice, doughnuts and lavender, and various combinations of these, as well as oriental spice and cola. The most effective were a lavender/ pumpkin pie mixture….”

    • I love that.

    • Yes, that’s the way to do it.

    • 81. Go on a First Date. If you are married to each other, take off your wedding rings if you wear them.

    • 82. Notice something important that no one else has.

    • 85. Go shopping for shoes, wearing a short skirt, perhaps no panties. Be sure to try on many pairs of shoes requiring his assistance at your feet and his gaze up your…. eyes.

    • Love that and done that! All started with a red dress.

    • I think you should be in charge of hotel selection. This one would certainly put me in the mood.

    • Especially hot if the audience is formally dressed.

    • #89 Spend a lovely long week-end at a Nudist Camp, getting to top up the tan …. can’t wait ….

    • I love the way you think.

    • Why thank you!

    • 92. Go to his office after lunch and deliver in person, a well-seasoned cigar, carefully preserved inside a plain white envelope.

    • I know you are talking bikinis here, Luis. And I’ve work really hard to have my own credit card, but there is something really hot about a man handing over his.

    • Well, we all know I’m pretty naughty. But if you are bringing up relevance to BDSM, then I submit to you the question of whose submission. The one handing over the credit card? Or the one accepting it?

    • 95. Honey Do List
      Print this list out and bring it to the fancy cosmetic store before you come home. I need:
      1) Nars highlighter, The Multiple in Orgasm
      2) Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lolita or Underage Red
      3) Cheeky Monkey nail polish in Make Me Moist

    • I actually think most men would refuse to do this? Might make them squirm? Um, I should do a survey here on this question.

    • #ONE HUNDRED!!!!
      During the course of a long day, or over days, or weeks, or months, continuous, back and forth exchanges of long and/or short banter, of flirtatious, funny, biting, and/or adversarial nature, with escalating heat.

    • It is funny, in NYC you are more likely to randomly see someone fucking out in the open in public (say in the bathroom at a club or an dark entryway out on the street , or in the middle of a concert – totally random places) than you are to actually hear or see someone – especially your neighbors -fucking.

      On the one hand, props to those who just fuck wherever, but I would much prefer a prolonged audio/visual experience!