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    WEIGH In on two thoughts from “The International Experiment Experiment”

    1. Is sexy forever?
    2. Are you the type to push or are you the type wanting or needing to be pushed?

    • 1. If sexy is in your soul, it is forever.
      2. I live a life pushing others and pushing myself. I may resist being pushed by someone else but I want it and I want it a lot with the right buttons.

    • I say forget the rules, just allow for it all.

    • 1. Yes
      2. Yes


      A desire to give and receive and experience intimacy, pleasure, connection, want, seems innately timeless to me. Lest we let our vitality be tamped out.

      Too stretch, to always set one’s sites farther, to continue to dream and strive and discover with others, seems similarly innate to me as well.

    • 1. I believe so. The mental image of a 70 year old BEING “sexy” may not resonate with most but I can assure you that I plan on being sexy regardless of my physical appearance or age for the rest of my life!

      2. I am definitely Italy the type to PUSH…and prod and provoke and challenge! Make no mistake, I AM doing it for myself, but I am all too happy to “assist” others in the growth and transformation that THEY want most! Let’s call that a win-win scenario!!!

      • Sexy is an attitude, not a look, so yes, it can be forever.

        I need to be pushed. We never know our limits until we exceed them

      • Oh darling. How are you. So sorry I’ve been gone–a dread illness almost took me. I’m back, I had a woman tell the world in her feminist rant that when she wore her dress to the party, one barely covering her nips, men had the NERVE to stare, the “pigs,” she said. “I wear what I wear for *me* so I feel sexy and powerful. ” My reply was thus: “Interesting. When I go to a party, I don’t need to show my tits to feel sexy and powerful. All I need do is open my fucking mouth and speak.”
        Trust me. My cleavage is lovely. My mind is what makes me, has made me, will make me…sexy. Forever, even after I’m long in the ground….I’ve missed all you forever-sexy people…xoA