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    Ok then, here goes:

    My fantasy involves a reverse gangbang…coming to fruition as accidental encounter with a group of intoxicated, horny women in a suite celebrating a friend’s divorce from a sexless marriage and are all awaiting their male stripper. I am a business traveler in the adjoining suite who is sleeping off jet lag, the awakened by their voices. Just as I knock at their door intending to ask them to keep down, the ringleader gets a call on her cell that the stripper cancelled. They open the door to me in my boxers and tshirt, immediately inviting me in “to help them celebrate”…

    • If your profile picture is anything like you (or even better that it is indeed you!), I would say it is a perfectly reasonable assumption you were mistaken for their carnal pleasures.

    • Lol, awesome, I think this is EVERYONES’s fantasy. If I was a guy, I think I’d just wander up and down hotel hallways in Vegas waiting for this to happen! Very fun.