Better than a Movie: CC’s Public Sex Experiment

0008CC is a bold young woman living in Los Angeles. She wrote in asking for a monthly dare, and here’s her response to her most recent experiment from Mr. X.

Dearest Mr. X,

I do so love the little games we play. I’m enjoying them so much that I fear I’ve become a bit addicted to the thrill. Not knowing what you will challenge me with is so exciting. This particular dare took some time to arrange, because I had to seduce my partner. It was well worth the wait, though.

Having sex in public has always been a fantasy. I’ve had various trysts over the years in swimming pools at night, and in parked cars, but I’ve never truly had sex out in the open. I just wasn’t daring enough to do something that might get me in trouble. For all of my desires, I’m a fairly straight-laced kind of person, and I’ll admit this to you – I’m easily embarrassed. I decided for this challenge that I would do something that a lot of people have done – a rite of passage that I never made when I was a teenager. 

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and I had just purchased two matinee tickets to see a popular movie that had come out the prior week. I’d been sure to wear something that would entice my shy guy to go along with my scheme, a low-cut shirt paired with my push-up bra, and a short, pleated skirt. I’d been shamefully teasing him all day, leaning over him at his desk while he was working, pressing my breasts against his back, and letting my perfume surround him. I’d kissed his neck, and run my fingers over his chest before sauntering away, pretending to be absorbed in something else. His frustrated sighs were music to my ears.

On the drive to the theater I’d placed my hand on his thigh, and moved my fingers suggestively, but never far enough. I could see the outline of his straining cock in his pants, and knew I was driving him crazy. I tried to engage him in conversation, but his mind was clearly somewhere else. He was just as I wanted him, horny and distracted.

Once we were inside, I made sure to walk in front of him. I climbed the stairs slowly, letting him get a nice view of my legs as I headed to the seats furthest from the screen, right beneath the projector. I bent over, to place my bag on the floor, letting my skirt ride up past the lower part of my ass. I was not wearing anything beneath that skirt. We were early – the previews hadn’t even started, and he grabbed my hips, thrusting against me through his pants a few times before letting out a shuddering groan, and sitting down.

“Do you really want to see this?” he asked.

I grinned, and took the seat next to him. “Yes.”

He leaned over to whisper in my ear. “But if we were at home right now, I’d fuck the shit out of you.

I kissed him lightly on the lips, and stared into his eyes. The moment had come. “You could fuck me right here.”

His eyes widened comically. He looked down at all the empty seats in front of us. “But you know it won’t stay like this. More people are going to come.”

I smiled. “Exactly.”

He sat back, thinking about it. His hand drifted toward his covered cock, then hesitated.

I decided to make a move. “Keep an eye on the door, and tell me if anyone is coming.”

I pulled up the seat divider between us before unzipping his pants. I felt through his boxers to pull his cock out through the opening, exposing it. I gently stroked it with my hand before moistening my lips, bending my head over his lap, and taking him into my mouth.

He gasped, and placed a hesitant hand on the back of my head. I let my lips slide down his shaft, taking more of him in, and moving back up, letting my tongue dance over the sensitive skin. I love sucking cock, love the feel of being in control of a man’s pleasure. I drank in with my ears every little sound he made as I moved, relishing in the knowledge that I could make him feel this good. I could taste the little droplets of pre-cum as they slid down his shaft onto my waiting tongue. The salty liquid made me suck more vigorously, wanting more.

All too soon he tapped me on the shoulder, and I popped up quickly, pretending that I’d been looking for something on the floor. He hastily zipped up his pants and we watched as the newcomers found their seats.

I glanced over to look at my boyfriend, who was clearly frustrated. He thought now that people were in the theater with us that our fun had come to an end. I took his hand then, and brought one of his fingers to my mouth. I slowly circled the tip of his finger with my tongue. His mouth dropped open as he watched me. I nibbled on the skin before taking his entire finger into my mouth and sucking on it the way I would if it were his cock. The heat in his eyes was unmistakable, and I felt his hand on my thigh, sliding up toward my aching pussy. He touched me lightly, and stroked the outer lips. It was my turn to gasp. He slipped his finger into my wet pussy.

I swallowed hard, and opened my thighs, spreading them wide apart, affording him greater movement. I didn’t look at him, but at the people slowly streaming into the theater. Thankfully the previews started, dimming the lights, yet I still had to make sure no one came into our row.

A second finger joined the first, and it felt so good that a tiny moan escaped. He was fucking my pussy using both of his fingers now, with an intensity that I hadn’t felt in awhile. He was trying to make me cum, and very nearly succeeding.

My clit was throbbing, begging for attention, and I knew that all I’d have to do is lightly pinch and roll it between my fingers, and I’d orgasm. Yet a woman was too close. She had a giant bucket of popcorn and was climbing the set of stairs to the right. I hastily alerted my boyfriend, who sat back in his seat as I crossed my trembling legs.

Please don’t come all the way up!

My mental plea seemed to do the trick. The woman took a seat two rows ahead of us, and yet she chose a seat that was right in front of where we were sitting. The risk of discovery was a lot higher.

My heart was pounding. I wanted more, so much more. Why was this woman sitting so damn close?

My boyfriend shrugged, and proceeded to lick his fingers clean of my juices, clearly just to tease me. I reached my hand over his lap to grasp his dick in my hand, giving it a light squeeze in response. I went to move my arm away, but he held it in place. His hand encircled mine, and I knew what he wanted.

The movie started, but I don’t remember seeing the beginning. As the smell of popcorn and sugary sweets filled the air, and people settled in to watch the film, I was busy stroking a hard cock. He was so aroused that there was a natural slickness between my palm and his skin as pre-cum rolled down over the tip. I circled the sensitive head with my thumb, spreading the moisture evenly, driving him mad with lust. Feeling the heat of him, and holding the hard length in my hand, was making me crazy. My pussy was demanding to be fucked, my clit pounding with my heartbeat.

I just had no idea how to do it discreetly.

Finally, throwing caution to the wind, I let go of him with my hand. I stood up and acted as though I was going to walk past him. Surprised, he sat back to let me go by, but instead of passing, I sat back on his knees, in his lap. His hands came to rest uncertainly on my hips.

Before he could protest or move me away, I lifted my ass up, and lowered myself down, his cock slipping into me easily. I balanced myself carefully, and leaned forward, resting my hands on the empty chair in front of me. I began moving up and down, riding him. The smell of our fucking permeated the air, and I kept a close watch on all of the people in front of us, making sure no one turned around.

His cock had never felt so good. It fit me so perfectly, and our bodies were at just the right angle. I bounced on that hard dick like it was the last cock I’d ever ride. My orgasm hit me like a meteor.

A strangled cry that I couldn’t quite control slipped out as every muscle in my body tightened. My pussy convulsed, throbbing hard as electric pulses spread from my center to dissipate in my shaking limbs.

Suddenly weak, I stumbled as I moved off of him, sweat running down my face. He steadied me, and held my hand as I calmed my racing heart.

He leaned over and placed his lips to my ear. “You are so fucking beautiful when you cum.”

My lower belly clenched at his words. I looked over at him, the light of the screen making his eyes glow. I glanced down and saw that he was stroking his cock. I kissed him hard on the lips, and no longer caring what anyone saw, I stood up and straddled him. Our mouths crashed against each other as his cock once again filled me. Instead of me riding him, he held me in place as he thrust up to meet my body.

Suddenly he stopped kissing me. He nipped the sides of both of my breasts with his teeth before burying his face in my cleavage, shuddering beneath me, and shooting his load. He nearly lifted me out of the seat as hot jets of his cum filled my waiting cunt.

We sat like that for a few minutes before slowly disengaging. His cum ran out of me in streams, dripping down my inner thighs. Luckily, I always keep tissues in my purse. I cleaned up as quickly as I could. We settled down to watch the rest of the movie, not knowing what was going on at all, feeling like a couple of giddy teenagers.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed hearing about what happened, as much as I enjoyed experiencing it. I can’t wait for my next dare.

Hot and ready for anything,


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