Beach Balling: her response to The Sunbathing Experiment

A woman nude sunbathingDear X,

I’m not the most sexually forward person in the world, although I do feel myself changing thanks to you. I’m more assertive, at least, and I get more of what I want when I want it. I’m not just talking about your dares, which have gotten easier for me overall but are still sometimes SO difficult. What I’m really talking about is just every day walking around. Sex seems possible almost all the time, and that realization has actually been a shock to me, believe it or not. If you start thinking about everything a girl could get up to, it’s almost too much! Permanent orgasm? I think it would kill me, but I don’t guess it would be a bad way to go.

Anyway, one thing I have never been prudish or timid about is getting naked, and I’ve already been nude sunbathing in the mornings out on our terrace, which is in the full sun from early until around lunchtime. I honestly don’t even care if people catch a quick glimpse of me. It’s my house, and if people want to stare, that’s their problem. It’s not like I’m dancing on a stripper pole. I’m just tanning my sweet little ass!

So this dare wasn’t too difficult, although it is always a bit of a challenge for me to put sexual fantasies down on paper. I guess that’s because I’m a social person and feed off people the most. But the writing does excite me, which has always been maybe the biggest thrill of our “relationship” – I mean telling you everything afterwards. I do want you to find my dark places, as you say, but I’m not sure I can articulate them like you, or even say exactly where they are. That’s your job, Mr. X! Be my explorer and find the darkest places inside of me!

In the meantime I’ll just keep stroking my pussy! It was Sunday morning, I was laid out nude sunbathing on the couch we have on the terrace (half-reading a book), and I was thinking about sex and strong bodies and tits and the delicious pressure that was building all throughout my pussy. Have I told you that shaving it has become one of my biggest turn-ons? I know I did it at least once for you, but since then I keep it shaved all the time, completely. I like the way this makes it feel more bare to the world, and I really like the slight danger of the razor as I move it over the soft skin. Also when it’s shaved I just want to touch it all the time. Not to mention that my husband particularly likes to lick it like that.

Sunday was the hottest day we’ve had, so pretty quick I was moist all over and basically feeling just melty, which is probably the horniest feeling in the world, and I was thinking about you and what you might do to me next (and what I might be able to MAKE you do, actually, if you know what I mean), and honestly my pussy was just blazing. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling, and for a while I tried to dream up sex fantasies to write down for you, but they weren’t coming that way, which frustrated me. Then the sun just felt so good and my body was so relaxed that I stopped trying to do my “homework” and let my mind wander off to God knows what.

I guess a half an hour or so passed. Sex was always there in my mind, but not particularly consciously. I just felt horny and desirable and really good. And you know what? After a while I realized that I was almost at the edge of sleep, and so I slightly opened my eyes, and then I realized that I had been dreaming/fantasizing for the past five minutes or so. I hadn’t been sleeping, but my mind had gone off to what it wanted all on its own.

So here’s the fantasy that came to me. I wish it was even filthier for you, but if it’s not enough for my X, I promise that the next time I will be the dirty slut of your dreams and more. And I’ll love it!

Big kisses!

(So I wrote this down afterwards): I’m lying on a wide sunbed close to the beach. I can hear the waves. The beach is deserted, and it’s at the end of the afternoon. I’ve had a boozy late lunch, I’ve taken off the top of my bikini, and I’m lying sideways – half asleep, half drowsy, wonderfully warm in the sun. I vaguely hear footsteps on the sand, but I’m too sleepy to look up. Suddenly I feel someone easing down on the bed behind me, very softly and very discreetly. I’m curious, but I’m also sort of amused by the audacity of the act. I’m not at all afraid, especially since it was sort of understood over lunch with a group of people that I was feeling aroused with sun and sea and wine and would be open to a little adventure. I immediately understand that it must be one of them.

I feign sleep and don’t move when I feel a soft hand on my thigh, stroking me gently. It feels amazing, and I give myself over to the motion of the hand and the delicious feeling of anonymity combined with exposure. Thoughts flit through my brain, but the hand feels nice, and what the hell, I have basically invited this myself. The hand moves towards my belly and starts stroking it softly, slowly brushing even my breast, then lower too. I move slightly so that the hand can more easily get to my breasts. My eyes are kept firmly closed, and I still don’t know if it’s a woman or a man behind me, but I think a man because I don’t smell perfume and the hand feels too large and a bit rough for a woman’s. I moan very softly. I mean it as an invitation, and then I feel him, definitely a man, pressing into my back.

I’m starting to get seriously aroused now, and there is a maddening tingling between my legs. As if he feels it, his hand slowly makes his way to my inner thigh (a very sensitive area), and then he shifts my bikini bottom aside to softly probe inside and feel his way around. I am definitely awake now and getting very excited. I can already smell our sex, and it makes me dizzy. I feel his cock pushing into the small of my back more insistently. In one movement, almost like magic, my bikini is off and I feel the tip of his cock gently pushing into my soaking pussy, teasing me. He breathes hard now, and without turning around, still with my eyes closed, I reach around and feel his cock. I feel the moistened tip and slowly guide him into me. I feel him sigh with contentment, and he starts going in and out with a slow but regular rhythm.

God it feels so sexy, and I’m so turned on by the fact that we are in full view and I still don’t know who’s penetrating me. He’s now moved his hand towards my clitoris, which he’s gently rubbing. I feel it moist and swollen, and I’m about ready to burst. I feel him panting too, and I sense that he’s also excited that my eyes are closed and that I still have not turned around. I’m just in the moment, giving myself completely to the sensations.

Then he’s about to come, and I move to his rhythm, feeling his cock swell inside me, then the sudden explosion like hot lava shooting deep inside me. He sighs, although I feel this more than hear it. His fingers remain on my clitoris, and within one minute has me panting through my own explosion. Then he slowly eases back down to the bed, without removing his wonderful cock, and stays softly stroking me for a while. Then I feel him slipping out, then another little caress of my humming body, and then I hear his footsteps walking away on the sand. Although I am tempted to turn and look, I don’t. I just twist on the bed until I’m flat on my belly, and I lie there enjoying the last rays of the sun, completely satisfied.

Then I put my hand between my legs and fondle my soaking pussy, putting a finger inside to feel the intoxicating moistness. A perfect ending to a perfect afternoon….


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6 thoughts on “Beach Balling: her response to The Sunbathing Experiment”

  1. I love this. Focusing purely on the physical sensations, not worrying about minutiae and just feeling pleasure as the sun warms your body… Oh, Mr. X, if only I could be watching your wife while she carries out her experiments!

  2. Damn I wish I lived near you – even just watching would be hot as hell; would make being a virgin more tolerable – lots of vivid pictures to imagine with one hand around my cock…

      1. I’m fairly certain of it as well; just based off of the time differences when you tend to post (aside from now, when I’m up late/early b/c my AC’s broken, I’m usually unavailable). Ah well; I can dream…

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