Friday Fantasy: The scream that had been there from the start

Naked sidewalkHere’s a hard-edged cafe fantasy with a technological twist from sexy reader lake, posted recently in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let her know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

Sitting at a bar stool in a café. Watching the drone of New Yorkers walk by through the window one foot in front of her face, she is feeling bored. She is feeling irreverent and disconnected. She needs a distraction. She straightens her back and lets her knees fall open. Her skirt is far too short to make this decent. It seems like an impossibly long time before she sees someone make the first double take. He keeps walking, and she smirks and mumbles to herself, “Lemming.” There are others that follow, various versions of the same thing.

Then there is Charles. Unlike the others he’s not in a suit or even a dress shirt. He is all European casual, and when he notices her, his face lights up, his pace and his stride shift, and he meets her eyes. She grins a positively devilish grin; he is aglow as he walks straight towards her. He presses his hands against the glass and pretends to swoon. She laughs out loud and gives him a real smile this time, a happy, amused, ‘thank God you’re making this interesting’ smile.

He pulls out his phone and motions for her to pull out hers. After more signing they tap the phones through the glass. He checks to make sure her contact info has been uploaded, blows her a kiss, and starts to stroll away.

She is still smiling, though a little confused, and she looks towards the door. He is not there. Then her phone rings. She picks up, but is quickly cut off. “Don’t speak, beautiful lady. I know who you are, and you know who I am. Now it is time for me to show you that I also know what you need. Walk out of the restaurant, turn and head south. Keep your skirt hiked up as high as you dare while you walk.” Then there was a click.

It was a bad idea she knew. She also knew she was going. She couldn’t tell you why the need to know, to experience, to taste, to try and find out who this man was and what he might be able to call forth from her was so strong…just that with her it almost always was. She left, she walked with no idea where she was headed in any sense. After several blocks she began to wonder if he was just a prankster, and just the thought made that bored feeling start to press in at the edges again. She looked around and fought the urge to pull her skirt down. She caught another stranger behind her looking awkward and flushed. She turned back forward – f’em all – she knew where she was going, and she began to strut.

Then his arm was around her, and she was being jerked off her feet. He half carried, half dragged her into the alcove. Before she was sure it was him, her back was against the wall. A scream was rising up out of her throat. His face was so close to hers, bodies pressed hard along the length of one another…and his hand was there sliding up. The scream froze in her throat.

“It must be work for you, wandering around with such a greedy pussy always clamoring to come out….” He reached her lips and rubbed back and forth with the whole length of the side of his hand. “…always needing to be petted, penetrated, and coaxed.” He was no longer rubbing alongside, his hand was between her lips now, rubbing horizontally over her entrance. “Oh, you are a sloppy mess indeed. I knew it as soon as I saw you, saw this body so made to be fucked, saw you there begging the whole world to fuck you, what a slut you are.” He turned his hand inward and began to circle at the edges of her entrance. “So lucky I found you, that I know what to do with you, and I am here now to tame this pussy for you, so grateful you are…I know how.” And his three middle fingers were inside her. Thumb pressing up and flicking her clit at the same time. Pump, pump then squeeze all the fingers toward the thumb as if they would all touch. It felt like he was holding a handle with her body attached to it, and he used it to lift her, to push her, to circle inside her.

She felt weak all over, her hands crawling along the brick wall behind her, clinging desperately to anything solid. She was half in shock, but she split her legs wider…she had no choice, she knew he was right, right about all of it, and that made her want him deep, want to feel his arm rip through her and his hand exit out the other side. He was pumping again, and she was hot and liquid on the inside, sweaty and gasping on the outside. Her eyes were wild, his face was still right in front of hers. “You know you are about to be fucked like the dirty little whore that you are?” He pumped faster. She didn’t dare speak, but couldn’t help but whimper. “That’s right, love it, you can’t hide from me!” His voice slapped against her. Her hips started to jerk, the brick tore at her soft ass. She spasmed harder, and he didn’t let up, and she screamed finally the scream that had been there from the start, her legs collapsed around his arm, nearly taking them both to the ground. He had to fall into the wall to keep them both standing. She had scratches in several places, and she was still cumming when he pulled his hand out and shoved his dick in.

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