Mathematical Stripping: Mona’s response to her Pick-up Experiment

A woman is stripping and shows her big titsDear Mr. X,

I want you! I want you! I want you! I feel like one of those dolls with a string you pull, those dolls that say something every time. Me I just say “I want you!”, and then the string probably gets me stripping and makes my legs fly wide open. I am that kind of doll, which I guess you could call a sex doll.

So thanks to you I had a big adventure. Last Thursday night I went out to my favorite bar with a gay friend of mine. You can probably guess where, but every Thursday night is ladies’ night there, and shots are free. We go most Thursday nights, sometimes with a bigger group. We dance and get a little intoxicated, and sometimes somebody picks me up, or I pick up somebody, and either we rent a room in the hotel upstairs or we go back to my place or his. I have had some crazy encounters in there. One time a man took me up to a room where his wife was naked in bed watching television and waiting for us. They kept calling me “Cristal” even though the man knew my name was Mona. Anyway, that is another story and if you ever meet me in a bar do NOT call me Cristal (not that it was boring, but twice is boring, and I would never want you to bore me).

I don’t usually have to use a pickup line on these Thursday nights (I dress and they drool, baby!), but when I see a really yummy man I will sometimes go over and ask if he is gay. It is the perfect pickup line. Either he wants to prove to you that he is not gay, or he is actually gay (my friend went home with a man one night after I asked him this and he said Yes!). Also, if he does not laugh right away, or at least smile, you know he is an asshole.

Anyway for your information, I want you is not as good a pickup line as Are you gay? I know, it surprised me too. Nervous is not me, which I guess you have figured out, but I admit that I was nervous for this one, mostly because I know a lot of people at this bar, like the bartenders and the manager. But they also know I am Mona and there is no reason I should not like to fuck.

So you wanted a count? I feel like this is fucking maths class. Not very sexy, Mr. X, at least to me. So the number is sixteen, I think, although maybe I missed one or two. Is that daring or not? I really do not know, except that most of my friends could not do sixteen. The first couple of men were easy because I made them that way. I was dancing with my gay friend (who moves sexy and has a tight body) and said I want you to him. He actually kissed me on the mouth, but we do that from time to time and it was no big deal. Then at the bar (for another shot! yes!) I said it to a girlfriend of mine who was in the hottest little miniskirt. Two guys were watching us, so I put a hand on her ass and whispered it in her ear and we laughed. Then it got hard, Mr. X, and yes that was sexy.

The first difficult one (third of them all since I know you count) was a guy on the dance floor. I was dancing around sort of crazy and he came up to grind with me for a little bit and my mouth said it to him. I could not tell if he had understood me, but I guess he was already picked up anyway. Then there were another couple while dancing. They were getting so hot but to anybody else I was just a crazy girl dancing wild. Then there were two guys at the bar, and I said it to each of them very professionally, like it was How are you, How are you. I think they probably thought I said something totally different. Then I think I said it to myself in the mirror in the bathroom, which I really really meant, and then I called it out to some guy coming into the bathroom that I really did not even see, and then I ran off back up the stairs to the bar.

There were a few more people I forget. It was easy now. I was making it like a joke, which sort of felt like cheating, but even when women joke about these things men get serious. At one time there were three men dancing with me like they all thought they were going to get fucked on the dance floor. I got away from them and danced for a while with my gay friend. Then I went over to the bar for another shot and there was this really hot guy there in a suit. I felt my nipples get hard. I was a little nervous, but I smiled, but before I could say anything he said I want you. My reputation had gotten around. I laughed and we talked for a while, and I really wanted to take him home with me, but my friend was tired and I felt like there were too many people watching me now. So the man took my number, and we agreed to meet for a drink the next night after work.

So I met the hot guy after work the next day for a drink. He was still as hot as I remembered him, which is always a good sign. I really forget what we talked about, but I kept crossing my legs and pretending not to notice as my skirt went higher up on my legs, and I had had undone a couple of buttons on my skirt, so he kept looking at my legs and my tits, not being a jerk about it but enjoying the view. I wanted his hands on me and I wanted to nibble the insides of his thighs. He proposed some dinner, and I said I needed to go home first and change. I said we could take my car and leave his if he didn’t mind stopping off at my apartment for a couple of minutes.

He didn’t kiss me in the car, which was surprising and disappointing. At my place I put on some music and got us two glasses of wine, then said that I would just be a minute. He stayed in the salon while I went to my bedroom right beside. I left the door to the bedroom open. My closet is off to the side, and so he couldn’t see anything unless he actually stood in the doorway. I was so turned on. I took off my skirt and my shirt. I didn’t need to change my bra or my underwear, but I took off those too so I could wear something sexier. I heard him call out saying he liked the song. From his voice I could tell he was walking around the salon looking at things. I stuck my head out towards the doorway to call out that I liked the song too. He was standing right there. We both smiled. My body was hidden behind the closet, but he knew I was naked. He said I want you.

I laughed but did not say anything. I stepped out from behind the closet and let him see all of me. I do hate maths but I am good at stripping. Then I sat down on the bed and spread my legs. We were both smiling big now, but he did not move. I put a hand to my sweet, hot, shaven vazoom. Are you jealous, Mr. X? You know I would have liked for you to see me like that.

But for that night I was glad it was this man. First he came over to the bed and started kissing me all over, and I was moaning like a pussycat in heat. I was ripping at his clothes and soon got him naked so I could see the goods. His cock was thick and clean and absolutely delicious. I wanted it in my mouth before he put it between my legs, and baby you know Mona always gets what she wants. I got everything I wanted that night and much more. Want more? Well you can imagine. In any case, thank you, Mr. X. I do want you.


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