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Surprised by Lust: the result of Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment

0015We are constantly learning desire. I’m thinking of Mona realizing for the first time in her life that she might like to watch, rather than always being the one who’s watched. Seeing a beach club waiter ogle her friend’s naked body, she was surprised to find that she’d like to watch that friend getting fucked. And Mona’s new desire teaches me something new about her. She’s always been sexy to me, both in our occasional real-world contacts, and especially in our secret e-mail adventures, but she’s also been slightly comic to me, somewhat of a sexual caricature, charming because she was always aware of the outrageous role she was playing. But now I imagine her watching her busty friend fucking a tanned stranger. I imagine Mona fully clothed, her eyes wide with attention as she watches, curled into a chair, her nipples hard through a modest shirt, her mouth slightly open, her knees gently pressing against one another….

And I am wildly, dangerously excited. I imagine we might go to rich, dark places together. Her new desire opens a new desire in me. Continue reading Surprised by Lust: the result of Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment

The Personal Touch: Mona’s response to her Sexy Suntan Experiment

0005Yummy Mister X,

Oh you are NAUGHTY. But I’m naughty too! And I love being the object of your teenage boy fantasies. How did you know I like to wear teeny bikinis, you monster? Am I that obvious? I hope so, because that’s the point of a teeny bikini, isn’t it? Since you still insist on being a funny mystery and not just coming over to my place again and seeing how my bikini fits for yourself, I will describe it for you.

The one I wore most this summer was dark red, or burgundy I guess. The top is skimpy, but not totally trashy I swear! It has a string that ties around my back and a string that ties around my neck. The bottom is tied with string too, one on each hip. It covers about half of my ass, and baby my ass has been looking too hot. I have been going to the gym for the past six months. Step machine for an hour and then even the weights. The boys in there love showing me how to work the machines, and they really pump me up!

So I was traveling all over this summer, but I was in the south of Spain when I really started thinking about your dare. The beaches were so crowded that my girlfriend and I (she has a house on the coast and invited me for a week) spent most of the time by the pool at the house. Both naked, of course, and her boyfriend was not complaining! Then sometimes when we needed to see some people and have some fun and drinks, we would go down to the beach club where they have a DJ and these sexy beach beds you can spread out on. Later in the afternoon the music gets louder and people can go a little crazy. Most of the crowd is pretty young but that never stops the guys from coming over and talking to us. I guess we look like we know what we’re doing! Also some of the women there go topless, and do I have to tell you whether Mona was still wearing her teeny bikini top? Of course not! Especially after all these weights, I love showing myself off more than ever. Continue reading The Personal Touch: Mona’s response to her Sexy Suntan Experiment

Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment

0008Dear Mona,

It’s time. I have no doubt that you’ve been out there in the world living as sexily as you always do, but I’ve been having increasingly distracting fantasies of your body, your breasts, in increasing erotic situations, and it’s time that you and I resume our sexy game.

Your last email indicated that you’re as ready for this is I am, so I’m going to insist. If you were here in this room with me, I’d insist a lot more, so much that even the wild Mona might blush (actually, I doubt it, but I’d like to try).

Summer’s here [editor’s note: well, it was here when this email was sent], and I just know the prospect of lazy days in the sun – tanned bodies and a glass of wine too many – makes you as horny as it makes me (hornier, probably, since I can only imagine the pleasure you get from admirers dazzled by your body busting out of the bikinis I’m guessing you wear). You seem made for fantasies, curvy adventurer, and you’ve got such a brazen sense of humor that this time, this summer, I want to put you in a clichéd male fantasy and see how you’ll give it your twist. Continue reading Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment