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Dirty Secrets: the result of The Airplane Experiment

A husband and wife fondle each other while thinking of dirty secretsIs the pussy, the cock, the closest organ to the brain? That’s not an anatomical question. It’s more like a philosophical one.

My wife was in the airplane bathroom. She was likely masturbating, I knew, and I looked around the cabin wondering who might be inspiring her. I had no idea. The guy in the tweed jacket? Also, I was keeping one eye on the aisles, in case I found myself required to rescue her from an unwanted intruder. Unwanted? Well, wanted, maybe, and that possibility excited me in its own way, but I also knew that wanted could become unwanted in an instant. I’d set this thing up, and the day had already been a disaster, and I was realizing that it’s not so easy to strip and fondle yourself in an unlocked bathroom on a crowded plane. I was, yes I’ll admit it, a concerned husband. Partially because I know just how far she’s capable of going when she steps across the line. The mind creates a barrier, and then blood moves around, and then the mind’s not there anymore. The dirty secrets take over. Continue reading Dirty Secrets: the result of The Airplane Experiment

Sex Sky High: her response to The Airplane Experiment

A hot nude fondles herself and thinks of sex sky highMr. X,

I hate traveling and I hate flying the most. Actually I should probably say that I LOVE traveling but I hate the trip. Nothing excites me more than discovering new places (I’m sure your dirty little mind will make that sexual, and that’s probably true too). But this trip was to visit family, which tends to kill my libido and tends to destroy my hubby’s completely (his family). Combine that state of mind with a crowded airplane, and I knew that on this trip I probably wouldn’t get fingered in the back of any taxicabs. Until I got your ridiculous, impossible dare, and then I started plotting, as much as it scared me, because you know I don’t like to disappoint my X. Continue reading Sex Sky High: her response to The Airplane Experiment

The Airplane Experiment

A hot woman walking anticipates airplane sexLong Distance Lady,

I keep picking up the phone, hoping to hear you telling me to do something dirty on the other end of the line, but I just keep getting dial tones that won’t tell me how bad I’ve been.

And yet, as I pine away, I glimpse new possibilities. The holidays are here, and I spy the prospect of you jetting off somewhere to see family and friends and sit on Santa Claus’s lap. So this experiment is a conditional one: follow its instructions to the letter if you do find yourself on a plane, and if you don’t, well…then just come sit on my lap. Continue reading The Airplane Experiment