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Virtual Wife: the result of the Internet Sex Experiment

My virtual sex wife.Absence makes the cock grow harder. Isn’t that how the saying goes? If not, it should.

Mrs. X and I are still spending most of our time in separate cities, but this summer we got to spend a couple of months in the same bed, and catch up on adventures. In recent months she’d discovered the Internet. By that I mean she’d discovered the excitement of meeting erotic strangers at the click of a mouse.

She’d been dared by Mr. X to put up some sexy photos on an adult encounters site. She’d chatted a bit with a few men and women who looked particularly sexy with their clothes mostly off. And one night, with a proud smile that was also the slightest bit guilty, she told me all about it, and about a few of the people she had met. Of course there was no reason for her to feel guilty. As she sat there behind her laptop, I would have been thrilled if secret admirers had reached out through the screen to caress her thighs. Continue reading Virtual Wife: the result of the Internet Sex Experiment

Virtual Sex: her response to the Internet Sex Experiment

white-upskirtDearest X,

It has been sort of a dry spell (though never, ever dry down there, I promise!) so your dare was a perfect little change to the routine. I was a little nervous about another one of your technology dares – that phone number you had me set up was not exactly a roaring success if you recall – but it turned out to be very easy and so far a lot of fun.

I won’t tell you the site I put my profile up on – coy little me! – but yes I used a few of those sexy photos my husband took last year. Not my face for now, but a couple with me bending over and my curvy little ass in the air, and then a couple of me in this sexy, sheer lingerie. They also have it where you put photos in a private gallery that only people who you give permission can see, and I put some naughtier ones in there. Me with a finger in my pussy, and then one from my neck down to my little red-painted toes with my legs spread and my pussy noticeably wet. Continue reading Virtual Sex: her response to the Internet Sex Experiment