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The Neighbor Experiment – An erotic novel

The Neighbor ExperimentI’m pleased to announce my most erotic experiment yet. It’s called The Neighbor Experiment. Like the The Known Experiment, it’s a full-length erotic novel, and it has been published today.

Writing The Neighbor Experiment allowed me to delve even deeper into the sort of edgy erotic situations that obsess me here, and the result is easily the hottest thing I’ve ever written. It includes a cast of intriguing characters, at the center of which are Marco and Julie Fierro, a young Manhattan couple trying to find their way in a world where there’s never enough money and where routine quickly dulls passion. Other characters include a striking Englishwoman with unusual tastes; an elegant investor with one mouthwatering feature; a busty teenager living for thrills; and a hunky barista at the local cafe. They are all strangers…at least until the Fierros look out their apartment window one night and discover the shocking habits of the neighbors. The plot then rips through scenes of voyeurism,  jealousy, swapping, adventure, bribery, seduction, and bondage. Ultimately it’s a love story about this young couple trying to find other ways to live. Continue reading The Neighbor Experiment – An erotic novel