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Swingers: her response to The Neighborly Experiment

A topless wife in a doorway greets neighbors who are swingers.Dear X,

First off, I thought a lot about your e-mail. I mean your idea that my sex fantasies usually involve anonymous partners and that this means I don’t really fantasize about men or women I know. That’s not always true, but I think you’re right, and I know this. Funnily enough, I guess I’m old fashioned about these things. If I’m honest, in the back of my mind it’s the man who should seduce a woman. I’ve had quite a few lovers in my life, but most of the time I just put myself in the way, if that makes sense. The men seduced me. I was just there and showed that I was open to it (it helps that I’m the friendly type). The only time I can really remember making the first move is with my husband, actually, and that was only because I was so sure he wanted it. Anyway, that story’s really not the point, but I did think about these things as I set off to attempt your difficult dare. Your other dares have been so wonderful – “tactful” really – that they’ve let me have a lot of fun anonymously, without putting myself in any kind of social danger (danger may be a strong word). This one, though, forced me to take the initiative in a way I almost never do, and honestly that made me uncomfortable, even if there’s always something sexy in that, too. Continue reading Swingers: her response to The Neighborly Experiment

The Neighborly Experiment

A sexy wife cooks topless in the kitchenDear Suntanned Savage,

That body that eased over against yours as you suntanned topless on that beach? That was me. That hand that caressed your thighs, then slipped past the elastic of your bikini to stroke your moistened pussy? That was mine. That cock you felt against the bared flesh of your ass, which then split you so deliciously from behind? That was mine too. You, my naked adventurer, are an amazing fuck. I’ve been wandering the beach ever since looking for you to materialize again like a mirage, for you to be splayed out on a beach blanket waiting for more, and more. Continue reading The Neighborly Experiment