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Backseat Imagination: his response to The Taxi Sex Experiment

A perfect woman in a swimsuit walks down the street after sex in the backseat of a taxi.Dear Department of Transportation:

Imagine a taxi. Make it a seductive little conveyance on four wheels. Deck it out with leather seats, furry little balls lining the roof, neon plates…. Now imagine me in the backseat. I’m wearing a dark linen suit and a white shirt with a few buttons undone. Is that the hint of a hard-on you see outlined against the fabric at my crotch? Imagine that, and a hard-on it will be. Imagine me riding without a destination, taking my time, checking out the women in their summer dresses as they glide past my windows. Imagine the high heels and the short slit skirts. Remember that hard-on you were imagining? You don’t have to imagine it anymore. Consider the hard-on a fact. Continue reading Backseat Imagination: his response to The Taxi Sex Experiment

Sex-upmanship: The Taxi Sex Experiment

A nude woman sticks her head in a window for some taxi sex.Dear Mr. X,

I’m horny all the time. It’s hot outside and I walk around the house wearing just a scarf tied around me. I think of my sexy photographer, but I think of other people too, men and women, I start fingering myself and I want to have them all. But you’ve been a bit of a stranger recently, haven’t you? Have I overtaxed your poor little libido? After all of my adventures, are you still trying to catch your breath?

Well I won’t stand for it, Mr. X. I love my husband, and I love more than anything to do dirty things with him in bed, but I need you too, to take me to the scary places, to make me tremble with anticipation, to make my pussy just swim. Wouldn’t you just love to see my pussy, Mr. X? Wouldn’t you love to lick it? Oh, I know I’m off the subject and being cruel, and that’s not like me, so I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. Here’s how: since you’re too busy (or too bored?) to come up with an dare for me, I’ve got one for you. And it had better get done, mister. I’ve been a good little slave, and now I’ve got negotiating power. If you fail me, I might just start feeling prudish (believe that?). Besides, I want to see if you can take it as well as you give it. Ready? Continue reading Sex-upmanship: The Taxi Sex Experiment