The Truth or Dare Experiment

Truth or dare - she lifts her skirtDear Daring One,

I think it’s time for another experiment. Here it is: take me to bed. Show me the places on your body where you were fondled by your husband and your masseur. Let me touch those places, lick those places. Let me kiss your adventurous mouth and remember all the borders you’ve already crossed in your mind.

The report from your massage has kept me buzzing for weeks, blonde beauty. I always sensed you would keep going further, but somehow you surprised me all the same. I lust for you intensely and revel in your constant awakening. I want to throw men and woman at you from every direction, with cocks to slip into your mouth and breasts to surround with your hands. I want to dare you to fuck the world.

But seduction is an ebb and flow, I realize. Actual fucking is just high tide, but nobody ever tried to argue to that low tide is less beautiful. So here’s some ebb for your flow, proposed with the full knowledge that soon enough it will be high tide again, and that your waves are gathering increasing force.

I assume you’ve played Truth or Dare at some point in your life. Here’s a simple challenge: at some point over the next days, I would like you to say those words to someone with all of your seductive charm: “Truth or Dare?” And then I simply want you to play the game with complete honesty. If your interlocutor chooses dare, do whatever they dare you to do. If they choose truth, respond to whatever question they ask with the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you X.

These conversations, and possible actions, may come at anytime, with anyone who might be an intriguing partner in the game. You might play once on a Tuesday and again on a Thursday. All that matters is that you play the game, and if I’ve learned anything about your skills, this game is one you know exceedingly well how to play.

Massaging you in my mind,




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10 thoughts on “The Truth or Dare Experiment”

  1. I couldn’t help but smile when I read this. The reason why?? Yesterday for some odd reason I thought to myself how “interesting” it would be to have one big game of Truth or Dare with the SE members. Who would dare to be adventurous, even more who would dare to be truthful???

    Mr. X are you reading my mind?!


  2. pleasureprinciple said:

    I couldn’t help but smile when I read this. The reason why?? Yesterday for some odd reason I thought to myself how “interesting” it would be to have one big game of Truth or Dare with the SE members. Who would dare to be adventurous, even more who would dare to be truthful???

    Mr. X are you reading my mind?!


  3. DARE

    Dear Mr. X:

    I was told this morning after I “freaked out” on you that I need to relax and that I am indeed a little stressed out. I decided he was correct. I HAVE allowed the little prude in me take over again. Well, the day was young and he was ready to make me naughty. He stood ready to give me a dare. And then you, Mr. X, posted a Truth or Dare game?? You two must be conspiring! I proceeded with his instructions, took a pair of scissors to the ladies room and cut a small slit in the crotch of my white, cotton, pristine panties. Wow, I even wore uptight panties. I returned to my desk, sitting down with part of my pussy lips pouting through my panty crotch. I had a lot of phone calls this morning during which my hands were under my desk. I had one hand easily up my short dress to rub my increasingly wet and swollen slit, and the other hand scratching my engorged clit over the cotton with my nails. I love hands-free headsets. An hour of this then he had me push a finger into my cunt. I make him crazy that I can only push in one finger and no more. He had me suck my finger; I tasted salty and extra naughty. He said he was so hard by then he could go to the men’s room and cum then. But he wouldn’t let me cum yet and he wouldn’t let himself cum either.

    It was lunch time and time for my dance class. I took dance class in my cut up, soaking wet panties. All I could think about was my need to cum and his hard cock under his desk while he was working through his deadlines. I think I moved a lot sexier and with more rhythm today. I rushed back to the office. I told him I have 30 minutes until my afternoon meeting. We synchronized our watches, in 15 minutes, at 2:15pm, we would get to the ladies’ and men’s rooms and we would cum.

    He wanted me to look at my pussy while I masturbate to orgasm but the mirror was too high. Nevertheless, I stood in front of it, spread my legs, pushed both hands down my panties. I stared at my face and imagined him right behind me, looking into my eyes and watching the woman whose face was precisely made up, hair conservatively styled, whose features were contorted in lust, eyes aglow with heat. The prudish facade gave way to the inner slut. My hands push apart my swollen lips and my finger pressed into my burning cunt. My entire body centered on and gripping my finger. I held myself there. I did not move my finger or hand. My other hand gripped the sink so hard my fingertips turned white. I turned my head to one side to bit down on my shoulder to keep from crying out while I moved my hips frantically. Fucking my finger violently. I see him gripping his cock in his hands and seeing me fuck myself. I came hard. I creamed for him. I released myself and sucked my finger clean; I was salty, extra naughty, with a dollop of tangy creme fraiche. It was 2:30pm and I headed out to my meeting.

    1. Yes, you’re obviously such a prude…. Hardly. Great dare, great adventure! Dares must be in the air, and I wonder what percentage of people out there would actually chose “Truth”, especially when the dares lead to this kind of naughtiness.

      1. I remember being very shy at the start of my relationship, but over time and by pushing the boundaries I eventually became quite adventurous. Sometimes I even surprise my partner now. It’s all part of the fun 🙂

  4. pleasureprinciple said:

    Nahh…I think at this point I’ll pass on him (been there, done that). Now that finger, hmmm….. 😉

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