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Experimental Advice: Living Like You’re Fucking

0001Readers of the blog and our steamy social network often write in asking for tips on how to make sex more daring. These readers are occasionally single and looking for a creative spark, but most often they’re in a relationship and searching for ways to introduce new sexual possibilities into their relationships. With that in mind, today we’re debuting an occasional column called  Experimental Advice. From time to time I’ll post e-mails I’ve received from readers looking for advice and willing to post.

Before we begin, I should probably state the obvious: I have no qualifications for advising anyone about anything. But I love sex and possibilities and articulate strangers, and I’ll respond to questions as best I can (send me one at I imagine our adventurous readers will also share their thoughts in the comments section, adding some erotic insights of their own.

Today’s e-mail comes from Michael, who lives in the U.K. Let’s have fun. Continue reading Experimental Advice: Living Like You’re Fucking