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The Alice Experiment, controlled by you

A beautiful college student stares out a window. Several days ago I got an e-mail from a reader named [Alice]:

Your stories are incredibly sexy. I found out about this website when I was sitting at a cafe near my university. A cute little indie girl (large glasses, pixie haircut, a macro-dermal piercing on her cheek) had your website pulled up on her laptop. Now I know it is kind of weird to look at someone’s computer, but when an irresistibly cute girl is smiling and shivering…you kind of want to look. Sadly, I haven’t seen her again, but oh well. I have thoroughly enjoyed your stories, and whenever I read them I end up picturing that indie girl in them. I’m a bit jealous of Lisa for having ‘assignments’!

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Fucking the teacher: a reader responds to her experiment

A hot student is fucking a teacher on a desk.Several days ago I received a sexy e-mail from a fearless reader. We hit it off, both got horny in the process, and then she asked if I would give her an experiment of her own. I was happy to oblige, and now she’s written back. And I’m more intrigued than ever. She does know what I like. First she thrilled me with a description of her naked body. I’m going to keep that to myself for the moment, but to set the scene: she’s in her twenties, exotic looking (and obviously very attractive), with full breasts, taut skin and lips that are (I’m paraphrasing here) made for blowjobs. Is it any wonder I’ve been distracted lately? So, without further ado, here’s her fantasy, and how she responded to the experiment: Continue reading Fucking the teacher: a reader responds to her experiment

A sexy e-mail (and A Reader Experiment)

A reader sends in a sexy e-mail and strips off her top.The other day I got a sexy e-mail from a reader named Lisa, and I most definitely have a new obsession (can you have too many?). Here’s her (sexy) e-mail:

To Mr. X,

Your stories excite me beyond the point of orgasm. I’m incredibly intrigued by your life, your anonymous persona, and your wife the sex kitten. Reading the posts alone make me as wet as Mr. X makes your wife. I cannot explain how horny everything makes me. I love the fact that you share this with the internet community. I hope you’re able to continue this experiment for a long time. I also hope you start making your wife take pictures of her sexcapades and share them with us….

Thank you for making me horny,


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