Friday Fantasy: Dressing Down

Two lesbians with large breasts play in a dressing roomHere’s a dressing room fantasy with a little domination thrown in from sexy reader Mallory, posted this week in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let her know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

I have been waiting at the restaurant for about five minutes when my statuesque friend Meredith makes her entrance, causing the usual stirs and stares. We see each a few times a year. After we sit down and get some drinks, instead of the usual catching up she starts in on her campaign to recruit me to do a boudoir photo shoot with her. She looks at me with those big, innocent green eyes and pleads with me: “Come on, Mal. You’re the only one I know brave enough to do this, and I need the support. I really want to do this for Sam’s Christmas present. We can go on a shopping spree, get whatever you want, it’ll be on me. Then we can get all made up, dressed up, and get our pictures taken. I bet Adam would love seeing you as a pinup girl, too.”

I laugh. “Let me get this straight, my dog collared friend – you mean the esteemed Sam has granted you permission to do this?” I ask her sarcastically. She knows that I am less than fond of Sam. I just do not understand how my MIT-educated, head-scientist friend is “owned” by a man and permits him to dictate what she can and cannot do. Meredith squirms a little. ”Well, it is going to be a present for him,” she shrugs, “but maybe we can take a few together. That would get both of our boys excited. I’d let you take credit for that idea.”

“Oh, I get it now. You need a fall guy, and I’m it? If I’m taking the fall, then you’regoing to put out, Meredith. I think I want us to get some new Bordelle, and I think you should bring three or four of your Hermes scarves.” In my head I smirk at Sam, thinking of how great this is – some exercise of free will, at last.

Meredith nods with a gleam in her eyes: “Yes, yes, Bordelle is perfect! Let’s have lunch and then go shopping.”

After catching up and lunch, we step through the doors of one of the most exclusive lingerie stores in the city. I had thought that coming with Meredith with a task at hand would make this a more normal shopping experience, but the minute I step foot into the store, I can feel my neurochemistry activated and my body transported onto a highway seeking that specific pleasure. The two of us leisurely shift through the store’s provocative ”voyeur” and ”peep” bras, ”harness” thongs, and confetti lace peep panties. Meredith is a little quicker in deciding on a pile of options to try. I, on the other hand, linger and conduct foreplay with the wispy pieces on hangers. My mind is spinning with thoughts of tits with stiff nipples and cunts salivating for cocks, and bodies entangling and banging together. The ache between my legs is pulsing and agonizing by the time I follow behind with my own selections.

I have stripped down to my own underwear in the dressing room when I hear Meredith declare her perfect selection. “Which, Meredith?” I call out.

“Take a look. What do you think?”

I come out of my dressing room ,and my mouth lets out a loud gasp at the sight of my friend, her breasts all but spilled out of the shelf bra, her pussy, hips, and ass not so much contained as merely decorated by the webbed thong. I gush myself wet. Meredith holds up two different pairs of stockings. “Which pair goes better?”

”Definitely the metal studs, very…uh…bondage tights.” I take the other sheer, silky pair into my hands and examine them closely. “Have you and Sam, uh ever, uh, gotten naughty here?”

Meredith giggles and nods. “Have you and Adam?”

“Oh yeah, and without him. Must be a fetish of mine.” I watch her roll the stockings up. “Maybe you should too, without Sam.”

She shakes her head vigorously. “Oh no, no, I can’t do that.” She glances up at me and blushes.

I give her an evil look while thinking of how much I detest Sam. Then I take the pair of sheer black stockings and wrap them around her eyes, tying them tight behind her head as she cries out in surprise. “There, now take a look at yourself. You look really, really good, Meredith. Strut your stuff. I’m going to get my stuff and try them on here.”

I leave her catwalking around her dressing room through a darkened veil while I retrieve my selection. I peel off the rest of my underwear, watching her admire herself. When she looks up at me, I’m naked, holding a bra I’m about to try on. She looks and blushes again. I walk around her in a circle, still naked, checking her out again. “Yeah, I think you look totally hot in that, Meri.” I start putting the bra on. I stand back some, after a minute, with my hands on my hips, and legs in a wider stance. I let out a giggle. “This is already making me super horny. What about you?”

“Mallory!! You’re evil!” she gasps, but goes back to admiring herself.

I’m thinking yes I amas I go up behind her and yank the stocking blindfold tighter, causing her to yelp a little. “I bet you want to, Meredith.” I sit down on the nearby chair, bare-assed, leaning back, and I spread my legs apart. “I bet you want to, Meredith,” I repeat. Then I lean over, grab her handbag and remove her cellphone.

Trying to figure out the camera app on her phone, I command: “Touch yourself, Meredith.” I snap a picture of her.

“WHAT are you doing???” she whimpers, with her hands on her stomach.

I snap another picture. “Touch yourself. You’d better do it. Or I’m going to send this to Sam.”

Her hands move down further. Click.

One of her hands moves up to grab and squeeze a breast. The other hand is between her legs now. Click.

“Give yourself an orgasm, Meri.” I go to her text messages and quickly find those with Sam. In fifteen seconds I have sent him the last photo of Meredith with a short message: “She’s with me. Mallory.” Mentally sticking my tongue out childishly at him, I toss the phone back into her bag.

I bring my feet up onto the edge of the sofa chair. “Come stand front of me, Meri,” I say as I push a finger into my cunt.

She comes and stands right in front of me, staring down between my legs as I work my finger in and out of myself. Her hands are now by her sides, but I can hear her breathing hard. I am ready to explode into a hot orgasm but I slow myself down. I want to give Meredith a show now. I finger myself. Then I withdraw my finger and suck it into my mouth. I finger myself some more. Just before I put my finger into my mouth again, I say “Are you just going to watch me?”

Meredith’s hands slowly move up to her breasts. Her fingers expertly knead the soft mounds while her nipples appear to be growing on their own. I watch her now, and I have to admit that I love seeing the female body. I smile at her lazily while I move my finger slower, in and out. I have to really slow down with my breathing to control myself. I shift my legs wider and hang them over the arms of the chair. “DO IT, Meredith, TOUCH yourself, give yourself an orgasm,” I bark at her now.

Her hands quickly move down and under the thong. ”Push your finger in, FUCK yourself,” I snap harshly. I watch in amazement as she follows my order and moves her finger in and out frantically, her whimpers and moans filling the room. Very interesting. I leap out of the chair and get behind her, yanking hard at the stocking that covers her eyes, almost snapping her head back. Her fingers and cries become delirious. I shove my fingers into her gorgeous red mane and pull her over by her hair to the trio of mirrors. I toss aside the blindfold then. One hand still gripping her hair and forcing her head to stare into the mirrors, I move to her side so I can admire both of us. The harder I grip her hair, the more frenzied her fingers. I pull hard again at her hair. “Fuck your finger, cum on it.”

“YOU TOO!!! Let me see you!!” she pants and moves her hips faster.

I oblige her, quickly working myself up to sexual hysteria. The two of us are staring at each other, watching ourselves. I pull her hair again, this time harder still, and spaced a few seconds apart, until she reaches her orgasm. Hanging onto her by her hair, I follow and let myself have my own.

We leave the store soon after that, buying everything we pile up, without trying the rest on. As I hop into my cab, I tell Meredith, “Count me in on the photo shoot. That is, if Sam doesn’t ground you and forbid you to go outside ever again.”

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  1. I can’t believe how close this is to the one I was writing about you I guess I’ll have to revamp mine!

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