The Internet Sex Experiment

Wife showing herself for internet sex videoSexy, sexy woman,

I’m as obsessed by you as I’ve always been. It’s been awhile since your last e-mail, but in the meantime I’ve been keeping very busy: imagining you touching yourself with blind need as the days grow warmer, imagining your body splayed for other bodies, your lips finding warm breasts, finding large and sleek cocks to wrap themselves around – and I’ve been taking off my clothes too, in wild excitement, imagining you right there in the mirror with me. How dirty has your mind been lately? I’m dying to know.

I don’t know if your husband is still travelling (a circumstance that you can imagine has given me plenty of other ideas), but whatever the case, after our recent back and forth I thought it might be useful to propose a dare that could be accomplished in a few minutes. That could also lead to hours of pleasure if you wish….

I want you to put up a profile on one of the adult encounters sites. You may be familiar with one. If not, I can recommend [site] or [site]. You’ll need to say a little something about yourself – what you’re looking for in bed, what sexual fantasies you dream of making real – and you’ll need to post a few erotic photos. Knowing of your past adventures, I know that these exist. Make them as dirty as you dare, but I’ll leave it to you whether you show your face – at least at first, though keep in mind that anyone who goes to one of these sites is “guilty” by association – and whether you want to be truthful about the city where we live.

That’s all. Or that’s only the beginning. I have no doubt that men will begin to contact you. You may be amazed by the number of astonishingly handsome studs with carved bodies and high cocks who will propose to make you their lover for a few hours. I also imagine that there will be a few women eager to propose themselves. Will you be tempted? That, of course, is entirely up to you.

One further suggestion, lusty one: most of these sites – including the two I mentioned – have a video chat function. With just a couple of clicks, anyone who pleases you – or many anonymous people – will watch you show your breasts or your pussy, or absolutely everything as you gently begin to stroke yourself, licking your lips as they show their bodies to you, an endless parade of men whom you will please, and I have no doubt that many of them will please you, too. Will you dare to let yourself go? I’ll be dying to know the answer to that over the next days and weeks.

Big, wet virtual kiss on that perfect virtual body,


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