Kissing Game: Mona’s response to her Marriage Experiment

Mona plays a kissing gameDear Mr. X,

It’s been a long time, but I do not want you to think I have been behaving too much. I spent a few weeks in August at [a big beach resort not too far from where we live], and I was disconnected from my e-mail. I went with two girlfriends who like me have divorced in the past couple years (had I told you that?), and mostly we were just lazy by the pool. My tits got nicely bronzed too, you will be happy to know! But we did have a few big nights out, and of course you were always on my mind.

Two things: three women in cocktail dresses at a beach bar in August will get a lot of attention, and it was a strange dare of yours to make me wear a wedding ring. Did you know I would have one in the bottom of my jewelry box? I did not exactly get divorced in order to lose the wedding ring and help me pick up hot men, but it is one advantage of being divorced, and I didn’t really like to be reminded of my married life. But I have never disappointed you, so Mona could not disappoint you now.

The first challenge was to explain the ring to my two friends. I had brought it along with me on the trip because I had not had time to meet your challenge yet, and I decided they would not notice it if I wore it one night. Of course they did. We were all getting ready in my friend’s hotel room and trying on different things, so they were paying attention. I thought about telling them of our relationship, but then they would have wanted to know absolutely everything, so I just made it my own challenge. I told them that when we went out I would tell every man I was married, and they could tell the same to every man too, and I bet them a round of golf that I could still pick up the cutest guy. They liked this, and we agreed that “pick up” would mean at least a kiss on the lips.

We had dinner at a nice place in town, and then we came back to the hotel bar, which was out almost on the beach and attracted a lot of good looking people at night. There was a disco downstairs, but we didn’t feel like that, at least not yet, so we sat out at the big open bar on the stools in our cute little dresses. Of course there were men coming up to us all night. As soon as one of them tried to pick me up I would flash the ring at him – either put it out under his chin and keep it there so he would have to kiss my hand if he had any imagination at all, or wiggle my fingers in front of my chest so he would get an eyeful of my tits, which were really busting out in my little red dress. At one point I had two or three of them around me. My friends, who are also busty and fun, were having just as much success, but nobody had kissed a man yet. I had two guys rubbing up against my hips, and I could feel a hint of their cocks through their pants. I was not wearing underwear. I wanted them to press harder and explore me. Nobody really cared that I was married, of course. Some women will stop flirting when they find this out, but I have never known a man who did not want to have sex with a married woman. It is a perfect situation for hedonists like me. All of the fun without any of the rest.

I was smiling and drinking and wanting their cocks like crazy. Men were moving around and coming back to me after a while. I talked to one guy for maybe half an hour. He was a little too serious and was talking about his wife. This forced me to make up stuff about my husband, which was not exactly a turn on considering I had a real one not so long ago. Then the guy disappeared.

Maybe five minutes later I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and there was the guy again, but now he had brought over his wife. She was cute and very friendly and definitely looking at my tits. She said something like, My husband says you are the sexiest woman in here tonight. We laughed. I knew then that they both wanted me in bed. I have been in situations like this before, and sometimes it has been fun, but it was still early and I was not in the mood for decisions yet. I just flirted with them for a while. When they saw I was open, they moved in closer until they were almost touching my body. The woman kept touching my arm. She wanted to know what my husband was like. I said he was a good kisser. She said that my lips would make any man a good kisser. We laughed and smiled. Our eyes were locked. I leaned in and made a joke of giving her a quick peck on the lips. My pussy was wet right away. I wanted to press my tits into hers, but the people around us were sort of cheering, which was funny but not really sexy. Then husband got a little too eager then and kept telling us to do things, so I excused myself to the bathroom. When I came back I found a spot at the other end of the bar with my friend. This was not exactly what we had been talking about when we bet over a kiss, but the woman was cute, and so the next day at the golf course, my friends decided that even if I hadn’t won the bet, I hadn’t lost it either.

I actually did take a man back to my room that night, and it was fun, but we were both drunk and it was nothing special. The best part actually, was when I realized that I had forgotten my room key in my friend’s room while we were dressing. I told the man to wait at my door while I went to find the key. I knocked at my friend’s door. She was in there with somebody, but I did not know that. She opened the door with a sheet wrapped around her. She is not exactly the prudish type, so she just gave me a grin and invited me in. There was a very hot guy laid out naked on the bed. He looked totally shocked to see me. Then he grinned too, thinking he was getting some of both. “I think it’s in the bathroom,” my friend said, and threw off the sheet to leap on top of this guy. Instantly they were going at it hot and heavy. I found my key in the bathroom. I knew it would excite them if I watched, so I stood at the foot of the bed for a minute or two. I felt my hot pussy through my dress. The man noticed me there and groaned as he fucked my friend. He wanted me to come over. I just blew him a kiss and left. I was wasted anyway and had my own man waiting.

So there you go, Mr. X. Mona may disappear for a while, but she is always up to mischief. I blow you a big kiss too.


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6 thoughts on “Kissing Game: Mona’s response to her Marriage Experiment”

  1. I enjoyed yet another steamy Mona adventure. I envy her freedom and lack of inhibitions. And clearly, carrying out your dare to wear a wedding ring did not put a damper on anything. Your dare demonstrated we desire those we do not or cannot have and illicit adventures are extremely exciting. It lead me to wonder what traditional symbols like wedding rings really mean in today’s times. So my question to you, Mr X, is are wedding rings our token and pledge to each other of our constant faith, endless and abiding love, or are they a lock and reminder that we have to restrain our unbridled licentiousness in return for the security of love and marriage?

    1. I think it’s some of both, and I guess that’s the problem. More thoughts on this will come in a next posts, but I do think it’s a really interesting question, particularly in our “sexually liberated” world.

  2. Like Mallory, I find the notion of living a life so open and so completely, unabashedly comfortable with oneself- surrounded by like minded souls who share your outlook and live in much the same way, allowing oneself to see all of the opportunities in any given situation and having the presence to pick and choose whatever flavor suits your mood in that moment to be really intoxicating. Clearly there is another side of the story here (or at least that is what my rational mind wants me to believe) but, there is no doubt that this guy appreciates hearing such tales to no end… Mona is indeed a guilty little pleasure…

  3. I have just finished reading Robert Heinlein’s “A Stranger in a Strange Land.” There’s much of interest in it for those interested in the subject of this post.

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