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    Your thoughts ??

    • 1. How do you cut free from “fools” to whom you’ve given pieces of yourself. There are holes where there was once friendship and more.
      2. Baby, I am the Entire Package: eye candy, arm trophy, bedroom slut, soul food, mental meat. I am a full menu.
      3. The body may speak silently but the heart speaks at high frequencies you hear but ignore when young, listen but can no longer hear when old.
      4, Wild Things in Captivity

      • Yes Mallory. I definitely like your style. Deep thoughtful and seductive.
        1. Holes make room for new friends possibly better but different!!
        2. A full 5 course banquet I would suggest.
        3. While the sparkle is there never too old.
        4. Captive and captivating!!

        So like your style !!