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    There, in our own dark universe, he reached for and kissed me. I kissed him. We kiss and gravitate closer and closer. The galaxies wrapping around us are stretching further and further apart. The deep voice above hums about dark energy, some fundamental force that is accelerating the expansion of the universe, a force powerful enough to shape the course of cosmic destiny. His hand finds mine. My fingers intertwine his. His grip tightens; the force powerful. And I, I must function under Newton’s law; my heart rate accelerating with his forceful hold of my hand.

    Back on earth, the normal human lights come on and suddenly we are no longer insulated in the expanding universe. And what the guy said must be true as our bodies pull apart and we adjust ourselves. We look at each other and burst out in chuckles.

    “Let’s enjoy gravity,” and he pulls my arm, tucking it around his and once again, I lean into him.

    “Your mass feels good,” I smirk at him.

    “Enough physics bullshit. Do you have a curfew tonight?”

    I dig around my bag and take out my phone to check the time, and messages. Shaking my head, “No, I can spend another hour or so. Do you want to take a walk?”

    “Yes, I do,” he says and pulls me a little closer.

    Again, we are quiet. Our silence, just the natural undercurrent of the ineffable connection we are feeling to each other. As the darkness starts seeping into the sky, our strides slow down as if we want time to slow down with us.

    “Nicole, tell me, tell me a secret.”

    “A secret? You mean besides the one we are creating right now?

    His legs come to a pause and I come into his arms. I can feel the velvety heat of his breath in my hair and hear the flaring of his nostrils as he cradle the top of my head under his chin.

    “I look all very straight and proper, but Adam, I’m not.”

    “You’re seeing me, I know you’re not … all… proper.”

    “You have no idea.”

    “I think I do have an idea. So that doesn’t count as a secret,” he lets out a little teasing laugh.

    My hands grip his lapels then. The dark energy finds its way into my mouth and down my throat and into my lungs and I feel it then. Feel it implode inside. My voice expands and words rush out.

    “We are trying to get pregnant. And even trying to get pregnant, last night, we had our girlfriend. She had him. I had her. I’m not proper or vanilla or whatever you think I am. I was so hot. We were so hot. I watched him eat her and he had her cradling me and spreading my legs for him. To make a baby, maybe. There. A secret. Dark, dark, dark secret.”

    His fingers grip the back of my head and then he yanks me by the hair to stare up into his eyes. His pupils dark and large, like moons eclipsing the sun.

    “No, Nicole, not dark. You have an animalistic sexual appetite. I told you it’s not complicated with me. I have a secret too. I do not fantasize about you letting me take you by the hand one day and lead you into my bed. I fantasize about you panting for me to take you and pump you full of my cum in your own bed. I am fully into the anticipation and discovery of just how wild-hearted you are.”

    The two of us stand there, breathing hard, our chests heaving, embracing each other. Like we just fucked. Actually, didn’t we?