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    My most recent fantasy, or perhaps both of ours came about I suppose from a number of reasons. Mrs MCouple went away with her girlfriends on holiday and really discovered a renewed interest in men. She’s always been somewhat bi sexual but our fantasy, and real world play has largely been around other girls, sometimes couples. With this renewed interest we have tried to meet with other couples, but somehow the men are just never really attractive enough for her, the girls are rarely a problem! So I took it upon myself to arrange a meet with a single guy, which went very well and perhaps a story for another day. Then as part of exploring what we could do together on a more daily basis rather than arranging meets (trying to arrange to meet other people takes so much effort that it loses its appeal pretty quickly). As well as that I suppose, there’s something more spontaneous, unpredictable about bringing in risk taking into your everyday sex life. So I had started to give Mrs MC some dares, (and by coincidence stumbled across this site – I still am trying to remember what I searched for that led me here!), one of which was to wear some tight trousers to work. This was to facilitate the dare, and she has as part of a sexual discover been taking to wearing subtly sexier clothes to work, realising finally the power that her body and beauty hold over others. I completely love this of course, telling her about it for the last 20 years! So, back to the trousers, these were to be worn so that Mrs MC could find a hot guy and ask him if they were a good fit, with hopefully a positive response.

    The dare is underway, and I suppose that is where my fantasy kicks in. I’ve no idea where this desire to see Mrs MC in this sort of situation arose from, I’m not what many would describe as a conventional cuckold husband, I like my interaction with other women and with my wife far too much for that and am not really into any type of humiliation, but there are aspects which I do really enjoy, and I’m finding a real thrill in pushing boundaries with what she is allowed to do in our relationship. If it’s just down to fantasy, then I do think of him acknowledging the tight fit, and suggesting that he touches her ass to find out. Mrs MC has queried what would happen if she were to complete said dare and get a positive response, to which I responded that she should aim to please, half jokingly (as all our adventures seem to start out, testing whether the idea is acceptable to the other). I imagine her reciprocating, asking to see how his trousers fit, first touching his ass, then finding her hand around to the front of his trousers and commenting on the fit there. Then he asks to see what is creating such a good fit, and undoes her trousers, by this time the excitement of the situation and the erotic response have made her delicious pussy sopping wet. He feels her knickers, which are damp through, and turns her over, just the way she likes, then pulls the skimpy pair to the side. Mrs MC almost always wears skimpy knickers. Taken over by the lust of the situation, she lets him part her slippery cunt, ready to place his aching cock at its entrance.

    So that’s the fantasy for now at least, quite how much of will come true we’ll see, the first steps have already been taken, and as much enjoyment is being had by us both realising the possibilities, if we choose to let them be!

    • Sounds fun and full of lustful energy, how wonderful that you can both share this adventure together.