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    Well I guess not all fantasies turn out in real life as they do in your head! We recently tried to act out a dare/fantasy, going shopping together, the dare was for Mrs MC to shoe shop whilst revealing glimpses up her skirt to the sales assistant. This is harder than you might imagine, not least as Mrs MC was really looking for someone hot to reveal all to. Still, we had fun. After arriving in the city, we shopped for a pair of stockings for her to wear (not much would have been revealed with a pair of tights, though I’m sure this would still have given the salesperson a thrill!). She changed into her stockings, and removed her knickers, revealing her beautiful pussy to the brisk air, which we had ensured was smoothly shaven the night before. We did shop, and at one point Mrs MC finally found someone who might be a perfect candidate, but unfortunately he disappeared behind the scenes – I felt sorry for him, he has no idea what he missed out on! We didn’t find anyone else, but it was still a buzz and another step to more daring adventures!

    • Bravo on your first attempt. Even if the sales assistant was not so astute, I’m sure parading in whatever shoes she tried on was a thrill for both of you. Oh this brings back memories…!!