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    Recently our adventures in open exploration have really heated up. It hasn’t been all plain sailing, kids, sickness, the business of everyday life all seem to conspire! Mrs MC will be developing her own profile on here thanks to Luis’ suggestion, once passwords etc allow, so keep your eyes peeled for more from her. Suffice to say she has a catalogue of men interested in exploring her explorations! Not surprising, for she is stunning. I think my ability to remain sexually faithful to her over 20 years was certainly partly due to the fact that there isn’t much in the way of competition, an I realise that now more than ever. This is even better now, as before I think I tended to ‘find fault’ in others appearances, knowing that they’d have to be off the scale for me to consider anyone’s else outside our marriage. Now that we have opened things up ironical it seems that I am much more willing to find sexiness in many different forms even where it is not perfection. Ha, this makes me sound as if I think I am perfect to judge. Far from it, far from it. It just adds a new liberating perspective and even more strangely I now see my beautiful wife with even more delirium. So there isn’t much about what we have done but I will tell when I have a little more time….