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    So I will leave Mrs MC to tell the detail. She has been developing her new found open relationship with the original Mr Electrician, and now is on the cusp of meeting for an evening of lust. I am also exploring at the same time, I have reached a point where I am comfortable with her doing this, more than comfortable, in that I actually am turned on immensely at the thought of Mrs E re-defining her sexuality, enjoying aspects with different men and women that give her something new and hopefully brings something new back to us. And of course the erotically charged thoughts of her allowing him to explore her wet femininity, becoming carried away, allowing herself to be parted and being overwhelmed with lust. I await her adventure with adrenaline filled lust myself, and can’t wait to hear upon her return of her new sexual adventure…..

    • While we wait on Mrs MC’s personal detailing of her adventure, I would like to hear about your taste of her femininity, newly laced with lust for another man. Was there a new flavor, a hint of a different tang. Did it smother you?