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    So as Mrs MC would say, the die is cast the pattern is set. She has left to meet her lover, well, to be determined should his abilities live up to expectations! It is strangely normal, almost as if she’s going out to see friends. She is nervous, understandably. She is eager though too, like a first date, the joy of exploring an open relationship for the first time. For her I absolutely want her to lose all inhibitions and explore the unexplored, gaining self esteem, a new sense of her sex. For me I want her to return with a used sex, soaking knickers (I have asked her to specifically bring these back soaking or don’t come back ha!), flush cheeks (either or both) and tossed hair. I want to see her shyness, her uncertainty about my forthcoming reaction and then to touch her, to undress her, to see the marks of her enjoyment, on her back, on her breasts, on her hot moist freshly shaven mound.
    The reality has just become, I have asked her to send me a photo of any action, just as my little present. My phone has vibrated, someone else, but my heart raced at the thought that this could be happening, right now….