The Known Experiment: Erotica Available Now

The erotic novel The Known Experiment, the hottest erotica of the year.First of all, I can’t even begin to describe what’s going on in there. Illicit messages…photo dares…virtual three-ways…pirate fantasies. By ”in there” I of course mean in The Sex Experiment social network, which was inaugurated just over a month ago as a new way to meet friends, dare strangers, admit fantasies, share photos, and talk dirty. The results of this experiment have exceeded my wildest dreams (and my dreams do tend to run wild). In the Your Fantasies Group, you’re thrusting yourselves into each other’s dreams with abandon. You’re taking it all off in the Photo Orgy Group. And a whole lot of you are reading new erotic novel, The Known Experiment. If you haven’t joined us yet, now’s the time to do it.

So what’s in it for Mr. X? you may be asking. What’s the catch? Honestly, there isn’t one. I created this site to spice up my married sex life. It turned out to be a lot of fun. I met a lot of smart, sexy people in the process. I wanted to hang out with those people. So the site doesn’t cost anything, and it never will. Being one for whom looks matter (if not quite as much as general sexiness), I’m not eager to clutter the site with advertisements anytime soon. I don’t imagine I could make enough from them to offset my horror at seeing some ridiculous product on my home page. I am not a marketing guru, and I don’t have some secret, clever plan. But I am a writer, and as the site has developed, I have realized just how much I love writing about sex. I’ve also realized that if people love my site, they might also love my books. So I guess that’s my secret plan. Keep writing a great blog about the sexual experiments my wife and I share, keep developing a great site where smart, horny people can turn themselves on without being barraged by the annoying nonsense one encounters when one is horny on the web, and then gently encourage people who like the site to buy my books whenever I write one.

Which brings me to The Known Experiment. I started writing it because as much as I love writing about my sexual reality, I found myself wanting to create more characters and to arrange them in even more unbridled erotic configurations. I wanted to push limits, and a work of fiction started taking shape. First, I imagined a young woman writing into The Sex Experiment blog for a dare of her own, as many of you have done (and are now doing between each other within the site). I called this young woman Katharine Bright, and I set her down in Paris, a city more filled with erotic secrets than perhaps any other, and one that I knew something about living in. Then I told you about the book, and offered to send it to you for free just by joining The Known Experiment Group and following the simple directions thereI asked you to Tweet about the book, and word spread. Still haven’t read it yet? Here’s a little foreplay:

Beautiful Katharine Bright has always played by the rules. When she arrives in Paris to work at an auction house, however, she begins to break a few, amusing herself with innocent sexual dares. Then her elegant boss disappears, and she is drawn into a shocking Parisian underworld of unimaginable erotic possibilities. Is the priceless Kama Sutra she discovers a clue to the mystery? And is she investigating a shadowy group of sexy individuals, or are they investigating her? To answer these questions, Katharine will need to be more than just a detective. She will have to confront her deepest sexual desires. The result is an adventure that will redefine the rules forever.”

You can download it straight to your Kindle right now!

Or maybe you prefer to touch things… Naughty. Then I’ve also released a beautiful paperback version of The Known Experiment. Like the digital version, it is available this instant, and it is guaranteed to sexy up your shelves. I’ll also mention that it is the perfect gift for that friend who has everything, excepting a few additional orgasms. Buy it now for $9.99 at Amazon.

Hope you enjoy!



Need to catch up? Read the Sex Experiment from the beginning: Table of Contents

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