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Vazoom: Mona’s response to The Mona Experiment

A woman in a bikini shows one breast and a bit of her vazoomDear Mr. X,

You really really turned me on! I like a man who knows what he wants and tells me exactly how he is going to get it. Usually I am the most confident person in a bar, but if someone even slightly attractive has the balls to come at me with even more confidence, then I am probably taking him home. Your e-mail made me wet! I took off my clothes and read it again and fingered my vazoom till I came. I keep it shaven to just a strip of hair, but then you’re a stalker so you know that. Please also know that I like coming quickly and often. Something to remember if you ever dream up other dares for me. Continue reading Vazoom: Mona’s response to The Mona Experiment

Friends with benefits: the result of The Mona Experiment

A woman nude in a doorway waiting for friends with benefitsWithin hours, Mona had responded to my erotic dare to strip in front of a window. Even though it was Mona, I was still surprised to see her name in my inbox (as ‘Simone”, which she’s calling herself, although I’ll call her by the pseudonym my wife originally gave her). My e-mail had been calculated to scare her off. Or to reap particularly spectacular rewards. Here’s what she wrote: Continue reading Friends with benefits: the result of The Mona Experiment

The Mona Experiment

Friends of my wife are naked from behindSo I’ve got a new pen pal, and you know how much I like pen pals. Many women have written into this blog asking for their own dares, and I’ve been quite happy to oblige, particularly when I’ve seen their impressive results (Lisa, Queen Green, Alice, Grimm Perrault, etc.). There have also been quite a few others who contacted me, then lost their nerve or the free time to devote themselves to a sexual adventure (insert outraged commentary about the modern condition here), but then anyone who writes me a sexy e-mail talking of erotic possibilities invariably earns my undying respect.

This one is different, however. I know her. She’s one of my wife’s friends, and I have spent serious mental effort calculating the geometry of her tits. What could possibly go right, you say? Fair enough, but I choose to look at the problem from another angle, specifically 180 degrees from your angle: what could possibly go wrong? Yes, dear reader, I’m putting my faith in the power of anonymous e-mails. I’m choosing to believe in X to the Xth power, which (although my math is rusty) might well be infinity. Infinite lusty adventure, reader. What’s not to like? Continue reading The Mona Experiment